Friday, 29 January 2016

My first picks from Dior spring 2016 cosmetics range

Dior have released their spring cosmetics line and what can I say? I've fallen in love. They've introduced a new foundation that's intended to be more long wearing than their previous releases, a new loose powder, two new limited edition illuminating powders and a new eyeshadow mono. The new line has a pleasant mix of matte and shimmer products to satisfy whichever you prefer. 

Friday, 22 January 2016

Photo shoot: Georgia

Yesterday, Georgia modelled for me for a fourth time when I took her out to Canterbury for the morning, along with my friend Katie who very helpfully carried my reflector for me. Unlike when Georgia has modelled for me before, I did her make-up for her like I did with Charlotte (I did not do foundation though - I'm a lot paler than her so I knew I wouldn't have any matching foundations and for ease I asked her to bring her own) and I was pleased yet again, which I do find very surprising if I'm honest!

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Photo Shoot: Charlotte

Yesterday I did a photo shoot with my friend Charlotte and for the first time, I did her make-up. I've never properly done anybody else's make-up except mine, so even though Charlotte is one of my oldest friends, to be honest I was a bit nervous but I'm very pleased with how her make-up, and the images, turned out.

Click here to see the full set of images. For those interested in details on make-up, the outfit and photography equipment, read on! 

Friday, 15 January 2016

UK Accesible Kat Von D "Lolita" & "Lolita II" Dupes

I only recently got my hands on the famous "Lolita" by Kat Von D, and "Lolita II". Living in the UK, these are very difficult to get hold of, and given the hefty customs charges from US orders, I don't like to place any orders from America unless they're of substantial size in order to make the duty charges worthwhile. After a combination of building up my US wish list, saving up the money and waiting for "Lolita" to be in stock, I finally placed an order at Sephora after months of practically dribbling over them online. 

Sunday, 3 January 2016

Introductions & Wish List

I've just made this blog. Literally about 10 minutes ago. There's something about discussing make-up that I love, so I  had a go at blogging in the summer time, but never really got into the swing of it. I'm back to give it another go, however! I'm going to dive right into my first post with an introduction on a little about me. I'm Millie, I'm nineteen and I'm currently getting a degree in history. I love photography, especially film photography, making coffee (not as random as it sounds - I used to work as a barista!) and, of course, make-up. I'm a mother to a pug and a cat, called Barney and Muffin respectively.

So, Christmas has just been and I got some vouchers that I've been eager to spend on make-up. I've done a couple of  hauls already - and I mean haul, I actually regret how much money I've spent - in Sephora, Debenhams and MAC, which I'm super excited to share. But like a true make up addict/hoarder, there's always a long wish list. Just when I vow to never buy anymore make-up ever again, I just can't help but need something else. 

1. MAC False Lashes Extreme Black
2. NARS Pure Matte Lipstick in Tonkin 
3. MAC 137 
4. MAC 109
5. NARS Multiple in Copacabana 
6. Skyn White Cloud Spot Corrector
7. Anastasia Beverly Hills Illuminator in So Hollywood 
8. NYX Matte Lipstick in Spirit and Sable
9. Clinique High Impact Mascara
10. MAC Viva Glam II and Viva Glam III
11. By Terry Ombre Blackstar in Misty Rock

If anybody reading this has used any of these products and either loves or hate them - please let me know if they're worth the splurge or worth avoiding, it'd be much appreciated! 


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