Monday, 15 May 2017

What's new from Cover Fx | HAUL & REVIEW

Happy Monday! (or whatever day you're reading this) I adore Cover FX products, especially their highlight products. The brand recently brought out a bunch of new highlighting goodies which I'm so excited to have gotten my hands on! 

I'll start with the Perfect Light Highlighting Palette, although I'm not sure how new it is. It's not part of their newest launches but it's not that old, either. I got the Light Medium palette, it contains cream and powder highlighters in Celestial and Moonlight.  I feel like cream highlighters are always a bit of a grey area for me, I never really know what to expect. Some cream highlighters just blend like a dream no matter how you use them, others you have to approach with caution. These fall into the former category, they're amazing. I apply them to my face with my finger tips and they blend so well! They have a beautiful silky texture, they're not sticky or too creamy, it's a truly fantastic formula. There's literally no drag to it so they don't move your make up around underneath and they just sit so nicely, without clinging onto any imperfections underneath like large pores etc. I'm really blown away by the quality!
Top to bottom: Celestial cream, powder, Moonlight cream, powder
Similarly with the powder highlighters. These have very little fall out, which I really enjoy. I'm generally not a fan of highlighting powders that are too powdery, if you know what I mean. These powders don't have excessive shimmer particles in them so you don't get a beaming highlight, but it's certainly buildable. Another winner!
Custom Enhancer Drops Halo, Blossom and Rose Gold
I am a huge fan of the original Custom Enhancer Drops and when I saw there were new ones I actually got palpitations. These are not disappointing at all.
Top to bottom: Halo, Blossom, Rose Gold
The formula is still fabulous! Unlike the cream highlighters you do have to be a little more precise and have to use a slightly lighter hand to make sure these don't interfere with make up underneath, but the outcome is always amazing. A beautiful, beaming highlight that is light weight, glowy and natural looking.

Illuminating Setting Spray
This is nice, although it wasn't what I was expecting. 'Swatches' I'd seen online before buying this showed it looking almost holographic, but whoever took those must have pushed the nozzle flat up against their hand and then spritzed 10 times. In reality, it creates a really nice luminosity without looking sweaty or greasy.  I used this setting spray when I last went to a crowded shopping centre and trust me, I was really sweaty, and my make up did not budge an inch. I am impressed!
The mist of this spray is so fine you can barely feel it on your face, so it doesn't feel wet or sticky. It settles really nicely and smoothes over any excessive powder-y areas.

What are your favourite products from Cover FX?

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  1. I really want to try those highlighters - they look incredible!

    xo, Liz

  2. I love the look of the cream highlight palette!

    Amy -

  3. I need the rose gold one 😍 They all look gorgeous on your skintone!

  4. I've never tried any Cover FX, but Rose Gold is totally my kind of thing! I've always found liquid highlighters to be a bit too subtle for me, I like it quite brights, but these would be SO interesting to try out!

  5. I'm a highlighter junkie so I want them all (Halo & Blossom being my fav from your swatches) & illuminating spray sounds like a great one for dry skin

  6. I'd really like to try the enhanced drops in Blossom or Rose Gold. They're so gorgeous


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