Monday, 5 June 2017

Green People Lip Picks

I recently discovered Green People, a UK based company who create natural and organic beauty products. I decided to try some of their make up products, because I love natural based products and I'm really passionate about shopping with smaller, independent British brands.

Enrich and Enhance Lip Primer
I love the idea of prepping before make up, so anything that is a primer, I am on board with. I really like this, the formula is like a very soft lip balm. It doesn't leave a greasy film or any residue, rather it creates a thin, smooth barrier between your lips and lipstick. This not only lessens the friction - so stops your lipstick rubbing off - but also gives any lip product you put on top something to grip onto, which makes it last longer.
Instant Definition Lip Crayon
I picked up all three shades: Blossom, Sangria and Praline. The only shade that is matte is Praline, which is a stunning mauve-brown. It's so flattering and goes with literally every make up look. The other two colours are metallic. I really was not a fan of the metallic lip trend, so I was hesitant at first, but I am absolutely hooked on Sangria. It's a stunning rusty, burnt yet bright red, and the metallic isn't too over bearing, it's a very subtle shimmer that is very wearable. I didn't like is Blossom, which is a metallic baby pink. It swatches beautifully, but it's just too light for me. My lips are naturally quite a deep pink so mixed together makes it look like a weird, shiny purple. I can't fault the formula at all though, it feels almost identical to Bobbi Brown's original Art Sticks. They're soft, creamy, don't feel drying in the slightest (including the matte shade!) and are very long wearing.
L-R: Sangria, Blossom, Praline, Damask Rose

Velvet Matte Lipstick Damask Rose*
I really, really don't want to say this because this is the only product that was gifted to me by the company, but, I've got to be honest, I was disappointed. When the company explained this product to me, they said it was supposed to be a natural and organic dupe for Mac lipsticks. The price is pretty much the same as you'd expect from Mac, too: £15. So I was expecting the formula to be pretty close.   Rather than being soft and velvet-y, this lipstick has a stiff, waxy feel to it which makes it drag a lot when you apply it. It's not creamy at all. Moreover, on the lips this lipstick is not opaque. There is instant colour pay off but you have to go over quite a few times to get a really opaque, matte and plush looking finish. Sadly, even after you've done this, within 10 minutes (at least in my experience) the colour started to break up and look very patchy. This lipstick is not for me, which I'm sad about because I'm obsessed with the colour!

I've grouped their lip products together for this post, but I've also been loving another of their make up products. Check out my May favourites to find out more!

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*PR Sample



  1. These look so nice, I definitely want to give the instant definition lip crayon a go!

    x Sam

  2. That's wonderful that it's an organic brand , I've never heard about it though. These lip crayons look super cute.

    Nina's Style Blog

  3. Very interesting review thank you for your thoughts x

  4. What lovely products - natural and organic too. I love the look of these.

  5. I'm a big fan of green people products but I haven't tried their lippies.

  6. These are all such great colours for me. Never tried Green people make up products before

  7. love the thought of lipstick staying on for longer than 10mins

  8. I've tried these products and absolutely love the lipsticks and love the fact that they are organic

  9. Look good not tried this range

  10. Love the sound of the lip crayon. I'm always on the hunt for natural products due to my sensitive skin. I do subscribe to Green People emails, so may treat myself soon.

  11. Gorgeous colours, and ethical too!


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