Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Bloomtown Botanicals Face Masks Review

I love a good face mask, especially clay masks which are fantastic for giving your skin a good ol' deep clean. So when I saw these two Bloomtown Botanicals clay masks - The Clearing and The Spring - I knew I had to try them both.
First off, I have to comment on the brand itself. I reached out to Bloomtown Botanicals because I was reading about Preyanka and Medwin's company and I fell in love with their strong, passionate ethics. Here is the link to read about their story, and I have to say it really shines through all of their products. The couple spent time in Indonesia and witnessed first hand the devastation caused by palm oil, such devastation I remember learning about when I was in school. I remember having to do an entire presentation on it so it's always stuck with me.  This was a brand I really wanted to support, and I'm thrilled to say that not only can I support them by telling you about their products, I'm also now an affiliate*. 
Now, onto the review on the products themselves! First of all, the packaging: my products arrived in the most beautiful little box, wrapped like a gift. It felt like Christmas! I was so excited I didn't take a picture, but it's such a lovely touch that definitely goes a long way with the customer. The masks themselves come in 60ml jars which are made of glass, so they feel very sturdy. I love the labelling, with the colours matching the colour of the product inside (black clay and blue clay). I think this is a really lovely idea, as well as convenient because it makes it just that little bit easier to locate which mask you want to use. 

The Black Clay & Tea Tree Treatment Mask (the clearing) has been an absolute life saver. With my skin being on the problematic side following exam season, using this regularly has really helped. It contains natural, willow bark derived salicin which is a wonderful anti-inflammatory, which helps enormously with spots. I found, actually, that this mask was incredibly effective at bringing under-the-skin spots to the surface. After application, there is a warming sensation with a slight tingle, which in my mind is a good thing as it suggests it's actually doing something, not just sitting on your face. The mask contains a glycerine base which means the six essential oils this product containscan directly penetrate your pores, and it means that the mask doesn't dry down. If you're like me and have dry skin, this is a fabulous quality for a face mask to have. Other mask I have that dry feel like they're sucking the life out of my skin!

This truly helped my skin a lot, it took away the angry red appearance of pimples and helped my skin to clear up a lot faster, I think. From the first time I used this, I really did notice a difference. This is a really great treatment mask, and my only gripe is the smell. The tea tree scent is very strong and really overpowers the room, I personally don't like that.

The other clay mask from Bloomtown is the Blue Clay & Indigo Leaf Soothing Mask (the spring). Whereas the other is great for directly targeting spots, this is wonderful for calming your skin down. This contains anti-inflammatory essential oils, including nettle root, which will help to take away skin irritations and redness. I often multi-mask, applying the black clay mask onto blemishes and this mask over the rest of the face. The two masks definitely compliment each other and work hand in hand to help you achieve better skin; one fights the spots, the other soothes the skin. I love the combination!
I can't recommend these products enough, or even if you don't feel these clay masks meet your skins needs, do check out other products on They have loads of beautiful products, from bath salts to soap, all 100% cruelty and palm oil free. And if that doesn't tempt you enough, a percentage of whatever you purchase from Bloomtown goes towards supporting the Orangutan Emergency Centre in Indonesia. I'm thrilled to be able to give you my affiliate discount code as well, enter "MILLIE20" at the checkout to get 20% off of anything you order from Bloomtown.

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*Bloomtown Botanicals sent me both of these clay masks to test out, and I am an affiliate. I am thrilled to be supporting this wonderful company! I reached out to them first because I really did fall in love with Bloomtown's commitment to creating palm oil and cruelty free products. Although I am an affiliate, my review is 100% neutral and based on my own experience with the products. I did not receive any compensation for writing this review, nor was I asked to write it. 

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