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Skin Elixir Review

You probably already know that one of my biggest passions is shopping independent. As much love as I have for mainstream beauty brands, I also go out of my way to discover and (hopefully) fall in love with independent, British beauty brands. Today, I'm focusing on Skin Elixir.

Organic Frankincense & May Chang Moisturiser*
I have been loving using this moisturiser! It's a beautifully rich, balm like product. It has a very thick texture - however, don't let this put you off! It's formulated this way for a reason! This moisturiser is not diluted with water, so this is a pure elixir filled with the best organic ingredients. Skin Elixir keep their ingredients lists short, so you know exactly what you're putting on your face. Plus, every single one is 100% natural and certified organic (where possible); Skin Elixir promises that their products are free from parabens, mineral oils and palm oil among other undesirable substances.

Now, onto what it does contain: Frankincense (the "king" of oils) which is well known for its ability to reduce the appearance of scars and dark spots caused by acne, as well as stretch marks^. This can be used all over the body, too! Frankincense is also recognised to have the ability to increase circulation, promote cell regeneration, balance skin tone and restore elasticity. The frankincense is "gently balanced" with shea butter, almond oil and unrefined black seed oil. Black seed oil is a natural anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and anti-histamine, making it an ideal ingredient for treating breakouts.

May Chang also contains anti-inflammatory properties, as well as control the secretion of sebum (so great for oily skinned folk!). Plus, the citrus fragrance it gives this moisturiser helps to reduce stress and calm the mind. All put together, these simple - yet effective - ingredients create a powerful concoction of naturally derived Vitamin E in this beautiful, deliciously smelling moisturiser.

I have got on really well using this. It makes my skin feel beautifully nourished and gives it a lovely glow. I know I'm only 20 so my skin hasn't lost any elasticity (yet!) but after application I notice my skin has a very plump - almost bouncy - look to it, and feels silky soft!

Sangroid Organic Perfume*
I love this perfume! At first it's intensely spicy, but after about a minute on the skin it softens to a warm, fruity, floral fragrance with a hint of spice.
It's notes are Balsam de Peru (earth and vanilla like), Frankincense (woody and spicy) Myrrh (smoky), Vanilla ( know what vanilla smells like!), Patchouli (warm and fruity), Geranium (sweet) and with a top note of Orange. It smells absolutely gorgeous! It comes in a handy little roll on, so you can just pop it into your handbag, or pocket - because this perfume is also unisex! Like the moisturiser, this perfume is 100% natural and organic.

Currently, Skin Elixir only has two products on the market which I've been thoroughly enjoying using the past several weeks. I really hope that Shona Munro expands her wonderful beauty collection because I've been loving what she's created so far!

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*Gifted by the brand/PR sample
Information on ingredients from 
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