Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Laura Geller Highlighters: Cream vs Powder

I love Laura Geller's highlighters. My love affair began with Gilded Honey, which - quite deservedly - has cult status. Since then my LG glow collection has grown and grown, so I've decided to compare the powders and the creams!

I'm most excited to review these beauties because the Easy Illuminating Sticks* are new to me. Firstly I've got to stay I love highlighter sticks, I think it makes for a really compact and portable product, as well as makes it easy to use. Personally I prefer to apply the product to my finger tips then apply to the face; I find that this warms the product up a bit first so makes it apply and blend seamlessly. I did also swipe and pat the stick onto my face over a full base (obviously without powder), followed by a little blending with my finger tips, and this worked also.
The product itself feels so silky soft! As for the colour - "subtle" is not the word to describe these highlighters. "Natural looking"? Yes. But not subtle. These provide a really stunning glow but melt so seamlessly into the foundation that it looks really dewy and natural. I have been obsessed with using these when I'm doing my make up and I'm really focusing on making my skin looking healthy and glowy. They're absolutely perfect for creating a flawless complexion and giving the effect of sculpted cheekbones. 

Now onto the original formula: powder.  In the pan, they look glittery but they're really not. On the face they translate as a really stunning, intense glow. And I mean intense. But the powder itself is so finely milled and light weight, you can't actually see that it's powder on your face. It's so smooth and the texture is so creamy that it doesn't grab onto pores, dryness or texture.
A little goes a long way, as well; just a gentle dusting with a fan brush will give you a gorgeous highlight. The glow lasts all day long so this is an absolute must have when I've got a long day ahead but want to be looking my best (a.k.a lots of highlight). Finally, I don't think it'd be fair to review these without mentioning the packaging, how gorgeous is the swirl design?! Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator is very apt.
L-R: Charming Pink (powder), Ballerina (stick), Gilded Honey (powder), Gilded Honey (stick), Peach Glow (powder), Ethereal (stick) 

I know this probably isn't what you want to hear - well, read - but my honest recommendation is get both. Get corresponding shades in the cream and powder formulas and layer them. The result is an absolutely incredible glow that I haven't found a highlighter  - singular or layered - that even comes close to competing in terms of intensity. Even more impressive that even when your face is so glowy you're practically beaming into space, blinding astronauts and all, it still looks natural and not glittery or chunky. Laura Geller creates my favourite highlighter formulas and together they're a match made in heaven.

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*PR sample 


  1. These look gorgeous! Great post

  2. I like your thinking, I'd have to choose both too 😉 xXx

  3. Great review!
    Beautiful shades!

  4. Nice. You take really good pictures.

  5. Great review I tend to always go for a powder highlight myself probably because I have oily skin.


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