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YSL Tatouage Couture Liquid Lipstick | Review

A recent launch from Yves Saint Laurent beauty is their new Tatouage Couture Liquid Lipsticks. I've been putting these super luxury liquid lipsticks - with a high price tag to match - to the test recently, keep reading to see what I thought!
£29. That's a lot for a liquid lipstick, am I right? But considering they're YSL, what can you expect? The real question is: are they worth it? 

I picked up three shades, a true red, and two nude colours. 

Top to Bottom: 
#07 Nude Interdit, #09 Grenat No Rules, #16 Nude Emblem 
 I've been wearing either #07 or #16 every single day I've worn make up!

I adore these liquid lipsticks. They're an airy light lip stain, as opposed to the traditional thick, whipped long wearing liquid formula. I'm head over heels in love for this formula. It feels luxurious. It's incredibly light weight, soft and comfortable. It has quite a thin, liquid-y consistency at first, with an opacity that's not quite fully opaque but it's not quite what I'd consider sheer, either. Sorry, I know that's a bad description. But when it dries down - which is after about a minute - it's fully matte and fully opaque.
I remember when I bought these, the sales associate at the YSL counter responded to my comment on the high price with, "but they're worth it because they literally last all day". At the time, I thought "Sales jargon. Doubt it".  But, as it transpires, it's true. The colour lasts all day - but not necessarily the opaque colour you begin with. That's kind of the beauty of it being a stain though, isn't it? It starts as the opaque colour, and then as it wears, it fades and transforms into the various shades of the original colour. E.G #7 starts as opaque neutral nude, and fades to a faint nude, then more like a mauve-y tint on my naturally quite deep pink lips. The tint and the matte texture is what remains on your lips, even if it's not the original colour you began with. 
The applicator on this lipstick is really unique, as well. It's flat, and angled, rather than a doe foot applicator. It is flexible though so you can curve it around the contours of your lips. I find it actually layers the liquid incredibly well - I'm definitely a fan of this design! The outer packaging is stunning as well, the frosted glass and gold cap, with the black "YSL" embossed writing, screams luxury. I love it, these are beautiful to display on my vanity.
The only downside is the price! I'm so on the fence as to whether they're worth it or not. On the one hand, they're not, all of these colours you can find on the highstreet/in the drugstore. I personally haven't looked but I'm sure you could find a similar formula too (let me know if you'd be interested in a post if I do find a dupe!). But that being said, I did fork out my cash to buy three of these and I don't regret it, I'm thrilled with every aspect of the product, from formula to packaging. Would I buy any more of them? It's not completely out of the question (plus I am eyeing up shade #23), they are a really nice luxury beauty product that I thoroughly enjoy using. Have you tried these yet?
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  1. The shades you chose are beautiful!! And the packaging, as always with YSL is gorgeous! 29£ is a lot for a lipstick, maybe one day I'll be able to afford them! haha
    Loved your photos too! xx

    Angela |

  2. the shades are simply beautiful

  3. I favour liquid lip products that wear like this, as inevitably they are going to come off when you live your life and the ones which flake just look awful. So a stain sounds like a much better idea! I love my other YSL lip products but have yet to try a liquid lipstick from them. Something I need to rectify it seems.


  4. Gorgeous packaging and colors!

  5. I have a sentimental attachment to YSL, and these do look like quality products. Thanks for reviewing them.

  6. They look like beautiful colours! I’d love to try them, great review.

    Suffering Wanderlust

  7. I love these shades. They are so beautiful. I've never tried a liquid lipstick before and seeing this ones I really want to. x

    Antonia || Sweet Passions

  8. I love these shades, I don't normally look at liquid lipsticks but I would definitely consider these after your review


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