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What's New from YSL? | Haul & Review

There's lots of luxury make up brands, and I think only up until the past couple of years, YSL beauty wasn't quite as 'up there' in terms of quality and choice as other really luxury brands like Chanel or Guerlain.

Recently, however, I feel like they've upped their game. Their latest launches have really had me intrigued! Here's what I've been trying out lately:

Touche Eclat Primer
The new Touche Eclat Blur Primers were top of my Luxury Beauty Launches To Look Out For list (a.k.a wish list), so it's no surprise that I snapped these up. I'm a big fan of the original Touche Eclat Blur Primer (which is clear),  so I bought the blue and fuchsia shades of the new one (the orange colour is for medium/dark skin tones).
These are really nice additions to the line. Fuchsia gives a little radiance boost, and the blue lifts yellow undertones and sallowness. I'd say these both work well, and the fuchsia shade is a great option if you want a bit of a glow, but without the shimmer or light reflecting qualities that is found in most radiance boosting primers. The blue does what it says on the tin really, and makes you look more awake and refreshed.
I really enjoy both but the formula is overall the same. That being said, the Touch Eclat Blur formula is amazing, it's silky smooth and velvet to touch. It really does smooth over the skin and creates a really nice base for foundation to sit on. It feels so soft! The actual colours of the primer do their job in colour correcting, but the difference between the colours isn't massively noticeable in the overall result (i.e full face of make up), so I'd say you don't need both. One will do!

Eye Couture Primer
I'm not really sure what it is with my eyelids, I wouldn't describe them as oily or dry but for some reason, unless they're primed, eyeshadows crease on me like crazy. It's actually worse when using concealer. So I've had some trouble finding good eye primers, to be honest. This is the best eye primer I've come across to date. It's like a cream concealer but thinner and stickier. I was surprised to find it's not at all waxy, it's like a cream. I got the shade Light which does add a colour tint, but I like that because I like to create a completely blank canvas for eyeshadow. I find that my eyeshadow wears really well over the top of this primer, both cream and powder formulas. I really like this, and highly recommend it!
Top Secrets Setting Spray
Another gem - this Top Secrets Setting Spray has such a fine mist that doesn't leave your face feeling wet. You can't really feel it touching your face at all, it certainly doesn't feel like liquid, weirdly enough. So of course, this isn't a setting spray that you're left fanning your face for 5 minutes to dry the spritz! I find this leaves my face looking naturally radiant, not oily and shimmery. It's definitely not mattifying (which is great for my dry skin, although this might be a pass if you're oily), after about 6 hours I noticed some natural glow coming through, but I didn't look greasy, just...natural. That's what I love about it the most, though. I highly recommend this.

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  1. I'm dying to try the spray as I love YSL beauty products so much xx

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