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April Favourites

Putting my blog second place is making me really sad! But I am back with another Monthly Favourites, and it's a big one. 

For starters, where I haven't had the time to do dedicated reviews on certain products, I'm collating them into one larger post, i.e this one! Secondly, you might recall me mentioning I had a flare up of mild acne a few months ago, and thankfully, it's well and truly gone, and my skin is crystal clear. I feel more confident and motivated to play with new make up now my base is back to looking good, and, I'm able to play with more skincare products without the fear of irritating my skin. So here's some stand out products: 


This has been my night time staple over the last month. It has done wonders for my pigmentation left over from that pesky period of 'aggy' skin. It contains glycolic acid, lactic acid, and plant C stem, all of which are golden ingredients for repairing and revitalising the skin. The cream is very thick and rich, with a whipped formula. It feels very nourishing and you go to bed knowing you have something on your face (I like that), without feeling greasy or sticking to your pillow. If you struggle with pigmentation and uneven skin tone like I do, this has been an absolute God-send and comes highly recommended by me!

I've been raving about this for the past couple of weeks over on Instagram, and it's safe to say: the obsession is still real. It's a rich, creamy balm cleanser that is multi purpose: it's a mask, a cleanser and can be used as a moisturiser on the body, e.g cuticles, elbows. I'm kind of into multi-purpose products at the moment, I might do a post dedicated to some of my must-haves!

Estee Lauder Take It Away Make Up Remover Lotion
This was included in a free gift with a recent purchase, and I usually skip over make up removing products because I've been loyal to my Clinique Take The Day Off Balm for at least 3 years now. I gave this and ago and...sorry Clinique, I think this has won me over. This Estee Lauder gem is a literal cream, and I just find that it feels much softer and more soothing. I'd say it gets the job done just as well as TTDO, but I've fallen in love with this one based on the texture. The fact that TTDO is a balm-to-oil cleanser also means that, as with any oil, if it gets in your eyes (which it inevitably will do at one point or another), whilst it doesn't sting, it does make them go a bit blurry for a good 5-10 minutes afterwards. I once gave TTDO to a model to take the make up off she had on because I got to work on her face, and she hadn't ever used it before and she immediately said, "what's wrong with my eyes?!"

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Serum
Another free gift - I was drawn to this because I've been using ANR serum for about a year now and I keep going back to it because it's just good. That being said, it's never wow'ed me. ANR, in my experience, isn't the kind of product that you wake up and think "wow"; it keeps irritation at bay and it keeps your skin healthy, but other than that, nothing spectacular. However, when it came to the eye serum, I definitely have seen the "wow" factor night after night. It's instantly smoothing and hydrating, and I'm significantly less puffy/blotchy/crinkly around the eye area in the morning. So this is pricey, but it gets the job done, definitely!

Sukin Super Green Detoxifying Facial Scrub

Sukin's motto is "skincare that doesn't cost the earth", as in the environmentally friendly sense, as well as the wallet friendly sense. This exfoliator is amazing, and it's even sweeter at coming in at less than £10! It's a very thin cream texture - with a blend of kale, spirulina and parsley (smells amazing!) - and contains jojoba beads and bamboo, which is the 'scrub' part. The beads are very fine and gentle, so don't feel abrasive at all. Combined with the super silky, milky cream this makes for a very soft exfoliating cream, that honestly is just a delight to use. I highly recommend this to anyone.

Make Up 

Now that my skin is back to normal (although, sorry to brag but I'd say better than normal - it's so glowing and clear! I know that's very narcissistic of me to say, but given that at the beginning of this year both cheeks had permanent red, angry raised cysts and white heads, I could scream it from the roof tops!), I can finally wear foundations that aren't full coverage (or even tinted moisturisers *squeals*)!  This is light - medium coverage and is incredibly light weight. It's so buildable and you still can't even feel it on! This is a matte finish; matte foundations seem to have come back around of late, and of the many, many new matte bases on the market (e.g Cover FX Power Play - see my review here), this is the least matte. I'd say it's actually more of a demi matte, there's definitely a hint of luminosity in there. My favourite thing about Bobbi Brown foundations in general is that they really do mimic skin, and this latest addition to their complexion range does it the best, in my opinion. 

I've been on the hunt for a really good lash primer, and this one from Pixi has ended my search once and for all. It creates a plumped, fluttery lash - that looks totally beautiful alone - but when layered with the Large Lash Mascara, my lashes look so thick, fluffy and voluminous - and they stay tighly curled all day, too! My favourite thing about the Large Lash Mascara is the chunky, fat brush - I love how it hugs the lashes and really curls them. 

You can read my full review in this post - but basically, this is the best primer I've tried to date. It matches my flesh tone exactly, covers all the redness on my eyelids, creates a creamy, smooth base for eye make up as well as keeps my eyeshadow locked in place all day. Highly recommend! 

I am obsessed with this palette, the highlighters in it are stunning! So glow-y without intense shimmer. The yellow highlight shade looks matte in the pan but it actually has a really pretty sheen to it. The contour and bronzer shades are currently my staples, they're so smooth and buttery. They blend incredibly with no skipping or patchiness. The contour shade is absolutely spot on too, not too grey, not too warm. Perfection! The matte blush looks like quite a deep, plum shade in the pan but on the face, it's a beautiful neutral flush of colour that is very flattering on my pale skin. 

I was doing an all nighter writing an essay the other week, and I decided at about 3am to take a break and reward myself for my efforts. I'm not sure why, because I've used Anastasia for years, but I just really fancied a new eyebrow pencil. I'm so glad I did, this was £20 very well spent! It's got a beautiful consistency, it's not waxy with loads of resistance, but likewise, it's not too creamy that it basically melts and smudges. I love how natural it looks! If you're a lover of a natural brow look - this is an excellent pick for mimicking natural hairs (and totally blows ABH out of the water... just saying!)

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What were you loving in April? 

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