Fushi Bio-Vedic Skincare Review

I fell in love with Fushi since late last year. They're a smaller, independent brand with a strong ethical background (which you can read more about here) and incredible products to boot.

Fushi's skincare comes in recyclable glass bottles which is not only obviously more sustainable than plastic, it feels weighty and substantial, not to mention they're very pretty to look at! Adorned with bright pastels, they feel very luxury whilst also standing out.

They have recently launched their BioVedic skincare line: products made from fresh herbs and oils inspired by Ayurveda, a wellbeing practice/philosophy originating in India more than 5000 years ago and focuses on balancing your personal energy through thinking, diet and lifestyle (according to a little research I did on www.ayurveda.com). Fushi uses this Ayurvedic wisdom with their expertise in fresh and natural ingredients to create their line of BioVedic beauty products.

On their website, Fushi write that this is 'the perfect exfoliator to rejuvenate a tired looking complexion, to boost cell renewal and balance your skin's PH. Formulated with fresh pressed oils and fresh ground herbs to create a nourishing. hydrating and gentle exfoliation'. Regular mechanical exfoliation (i.e scrubs) isn't for everyone but it is for me. My skin is always best when I regularly use physical exfoliants, like this Enzyme Face wash, which contains bamboo powder for a gentle buffing motion. I love that it's a two in one cleanser/exfoliant. I use it every other day as my morning cleanser, but if your skin is more sensitive use it as instructed (the bottle says 1-2 times a week). It looks deceptively soapy in the bottle, which I admit did put me off at first. But giving it a go, it's not soapy or foamy at all. It has a fine gel texture with grains (the bamboo) in it, which lathers ever so slightly, but doesn't feel stripping or leave my skin feeling dry or tight. I find that it makes my face feel really refreshed and clean. I definitely recommend this if you're a fan of regular exfoliation! 

The Radiance Face Cream smells incredible, and has a thin creamy texture. There's definitely a time and a place for a thicker, heavier creams, but now that the weather is a bit warmer, I'm loving the almost milky texture of this moisturiser. It's virtually weightless, absorbs instantly and leaves my skin feeling soft and comforted. My skin feels and looks plump and healthy, but doesn't look shiny or feel sticky, and definitely has a glow. Taking a look at the ingredients and their claims, the Radiance Face Cream contains Kalahari Melon Seed for it's 'antioxidant', 'restorative' and 'skin brightening' properties, and Rice Bran oils to keep skin 'supple and soft all day'. I have to say it looks like they do the trick!
This has to be the best facial oil I've ever used, and I've tried some oils that are closer to £100!  It sits on my skin differently than any other I've used, it absorbs like a second skin, not leaving a film of oil like I've experienced with other products.  It instantly makes my skin look glowy and dewy but without looking greasy, or feeling like a slip-n-slide. It's a really light oil with such a soft, silky texture, making it layer beautifully both under or over moisturiser. So it's perfect for day time, but I do also use it at night. It contains Raspberry Seed, Kalahari Melon Seed, Rice Bran and Moringa oils - so it's a real treat (and smells amazing)!
Thank you for reading, do make sure you go and check out Fushi's Biovedic Line (and the brand in general, to be honest) here. Honestly this is a brilliant smaller brand that is like a little hidden gem in skincare, they're definitely worth looking into. Their products are very reasonably priced, have a wonderful ethical background that speaks volumes and reflected in their gorgeous and eco-friendly packaging; and finally, I've yet to try something from them that I haven't genuinely fallen head over heels in love with!

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