Creating my own Make Up Palettes

Have you ever fantasises about making your very own eyeshadow palette? I know I have! Now  Beautonomy has made it possible.

I've been part of one of their campaigns for several months now and I'm so excited to share with you all the palettes I've curated so far!

My Palettes*
When creating your own palette, you can upload a photo of your own to use as the packaging, or they  have pre-set designs you can choose from. Which is what I've chosen to do - they have really pretty illustrations that I just can't resist. Then you create a title for your palette. I'm very boring and have just stuck my name on it!
Beautonomy doesn't just allow you to personalise your own eyeshadow palettes, they also have face palettes for you to fill with blushes, highlighters and bronzers of your choice. They have a large range of shades for you to curate into your own personalised palette. You can change the shade names and the layout as well, to make it truly your own. Here's the ones I've created:

 (above are blushes) 

I have to say I'm uber impressed with the quality of the powders too. They're so beautiful: soft fluffy powders with a creamy feel, very pigmented with really saturated colour, blend perfectly on the eye. Really brilliant products - and they were all 100% curated by me.

How to Create Your Own Palette 
Creating your own palette is so easy. Just head to and select 'customise', which takes you to this screen:
Select the palette you want - whether it's a totally custom palette or using a pre-set design. Then to change the shades inside, just select 'edit shade': 

Then you can browse the other shade options and pick whatever you fancy!: 

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  1. I hadn't heard of Beautonomy before but I like how customised you can make the palettes. I have so many Eye shadow palettes that I only use 1 or 2 shades in so it'd be good not to have so much go to waste!

  2. Wow these look great! I haven't heard of them before but will have to check them ou .

  3. I had never heard of these, I love the idea of creating your own palette!

  4. Really great shades and I love how versatility of them

  5. Never heard of this brand before, it's such a great idea. Similar to the MAC palette but even more ability to customise.

  6. Thanks for the information and education about things I have little knowledge of.

  7. Ohh hello STUNNING photos!!
    That shade Galaxy is beautiful.
    This is a brand I've never actually heard of so I'll certainly have to keep an eye on them! xx

  8. I worked on some stuff behind the scenes for beautonomy but haven’t actually tried the products myself! I’ll have to give them a go 💛

  9. I worked on some stuff behind the scenes for beautonomy but haven’t actually tried the products myself! I’ll have to give them a go 💛

  10. I personally find it quite hard to match up complimentary eyeshadows but I can see the appeal of doing it this way.

  11. What a great idea! Would avoid wasting colours we don't like.

    Hazel Rea @beachrambler

  12. A great selection here. It’s not a brand I’m familiar with but I would certainly consider exploring more. Thanks for the review.

  13. What a clever idea! Hats off to the firm behind the brainwave!