Becca Cosmetics Skin Love Collection: A Review (and discount!)

My favourite step when it comes to doing make up has to be skin. Crafting hydrated skin with a flawless, radiant finish is an art form that Becca's Skin Love collection captures the essence of. 

 It's very in touch with the 'glass skin' trend - which according to Allure means clear, luminous, seemingly transparent skin - so keep reading if that's up your alley. 
 Skin Love is a trio of luminosity boosting skin preppers: glow elixir, a blurring primer and a mist. They all evoke ideas of radiance; even from the translucent irridescent green-blue packaging adorned with reflective silver, which subtly shimmer in their spot on my vanity. I love how thought out the glow theme of the collection is, and the way it's tied into every aspect of the products! 

Glow Elixir
This is a very wet primer that is essentially a serum; it even loves your skin like a serum, containing honey, algae, liquorice (calming), vitamin E and blueberry. So it definitely ticks the box for being a hydrator. But Becca say that the crème de la crème on the ingredients list is their Nectar Hydra Brightening Complex, which works to quench skin's thirst and boost radiance. The real question is: does it? Yes! If you live for dewy, you need this in your life. It gives the most gorgeous glow to the skin, a real dewy luminosity. Not sparkly, just pure unadulterated wet-looking radiance without being overbearing. You can mix this in with foundation to boost it's glow factor, apply it underneath or even on top. It works brilliantly whatever way you use it, in my experience. 
Brighten & Blur Primer
If your main concerns are large pores, uneven skin texture and dullness to boot, this could be your solution. It has a translucent white colour to it, which I like because it gives back some dimension to the skin. I find similar blurring primers that are a similar tone to my skin or transparent make my face a look a little flat. It's not as thick as other popular options on the market either (think Benefit Porefessional) but it still packs a punch thanks to containing dimethicone, an ingredient which gives pore filling primers their super powers and waxy texture. I've found that because it's a little lighter it sits a bit nicer under foundation and other products, and is also easier to use alone (if you want to disguise pores but can't be bothered with a full face of make up) because there's not such a visible divide between skin and primer. This is also because it blends in so nicely! It feels ever so soft and creates a smooth base with some slip ready for make up application. It is also boosted by Becca's Nectar Hydra Brightening Complex so maintain luminosity and hydration, so is perfect if you have dry skin.

Glow Shield Prime & Set Mist 
Last but not least is their prep and set mist. This is a beautiful fine mist that doesn't offer sparkle or shine, just a natural, dewy finish. This is a really lovely product that is a perfect finishing touch for a 'glass skin' finish. It also contains vitamin E and blueberry to nourish the skin. This is perfect if you have very dry skin keep your skin hydrated and luminous all day! 

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