About Me

Hi there, thank you for taking the time to get to know me a little! My name is Millicent, but that makes me sound like I'm 90, so Millie will do! I'm a 20 year old blogger from Kent, in the South East of England. 

 On weekdays you'll find me at University studying Law, and on weekends I'll be either on a photo shoot, drafting blog posts, shopping, or cuddling up on the sofa with my two pugs whilst binge watching Netflix with a bottle of wine. 

I am a huge make up junkie and I'm completely eagle-eyed when it comes to the latest releases and hottest brands. I have an extensive make up collection (I have a whole room dedicated to it, don't judge me) that's always growing because I'm always on the hunt for the Crème de la Crème of the beauty world. My favourite make up artists have to be Francois Nars for his innovative creations, and Bobbi Brown for her ethos of enhancing natural beauty. I am a sucker for red lipstick and you'll seldom find me without my eyes lined with a feline flick!  

I discovered my passion for photography when I was 14 when I got my very first camera, it was a little pink, compact digital Casio! From then on I was hooked, and have been regularly organising photo shoots just for fun ever since. I am self taught, with exception to learning how to effectively use Photoshop during A level Photography. My photographs have even been published in various magazines, and a number of opportunities for commissioned work has approached me. It's something I've always considered a hobby that I am thoroughly in love with, so I'm very fortunate for my work to have garnered the attention that it has over the years, and to have had the opportunities I've had! In the past 12 months, I have become more involved in styling models and doing their make up. 

This is where Modishrambling comes in. This blog is the combination of the two intrinsically linked passions in my life: beauty and photography. I am enthusiastic about discussing all things make up and photography all the time, so I've made my very own little space on the internet to do just that!

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