My first picks from Dior spring 2016 cosmetics range

Dior have released their spring cosmetics line and what can I say? I've fallen in love. They've introduced a new foundation that's intended to be more long wearing than their previous releases, a new loose powder, two new limited edition illuminating powders and a new eyeshadow mono. The new line has a pleasant mix of matte and shimmer products to satisfy whichever you prefer. 

Although I've quite a large collection of foundations, I have been feeling the urge recently to spice it up a bit and add some new additions to it. Along comes Dior with their new Diorskin Forever Fluid Foundation, and of course I snapped it up straight away. 

Diorskin Star foundation is one of my long time favourites so I was eager to give this ago. The first noticeable difference is the packaging: Diorskin Forever has a frosted translucent packaging, compared to Star's transparent packaging. I know it's a minor detail, but it looks a lot more classy. It's still early days in testing the wear out, but my first impressions are positive: a little bit goes a long way! A couple of pumps covers my entire face with a decent medium to full coverage. It's easy to blend, but I can't say its 'blend-ability' is anything noticeably special. It's very light weight, the kind of foundation where you can't feel you're wearing it on your face. It sits amazingly on the skin, and looks very natural and healthy. I had a large pimple above my cupids bow on the first day of testing; with other liquid foundations I have found that sometimes it can stick to and 'cake' around blemishes, but I did not find it with this foundation. It sat just as flawlessly over the blemish as it did the rest of my face. 

The Dior consultant at the counter I purchased this advised that it dries very quickly; I've found this is true, but its not instantaneous to the point you don't have time to blend it! Also, it means once it's on your face, it's on your face. Definitely long wearing! A tell tale on wear time for me is how well foundations stay on my nose. It always seems to come off there, no matter if I set it with powder or avoid touching my face?! I even have a mild cold whilst testing this foundation, runny nose etc, and it stayed on my nose! Literally miraculous, for me. As a side note, the consultant also advised that the colour match isn't 100% true to previous Dior foundations. Although my matches were the same, I'm in the lightest colour no.10. If you're considering purchasing this foundation and already have a Dior foundation, I would suggest getting colour matched!

I've read over and over that 2016 is "year of the glow", with strobing and dewy finish foundations being the 'in' trends, although I've still been noticing powders claiming mattifying effects cropping up in the latest spring lines. Dior is one of those! I personally am a fan of matte finishes, but I know many aren't at the moment; if you're a glowy-girl, I'd suggest giving this particular powder a miss.

I had no powders on my wish list whilst I was eagerly eyeing up new releases online, but when I saw Dior's Diorskin Forever & Ever Control Loose Powder  in-store I was so blown away. It applies white, but blends out like a dream to being translucent. It blends out so smoothly and the result is the most matte finish I've ever experienced. The only issue I have with this product is the packaging. Powder is dispensed through fabric with very fine holes in it, and the holes are so tiny it's very difficult to get product out. This could be both a positive and negative. For me, as I like matte, I like a lot of powder so it's a hassle having to keep re-dispensing the powder. If you just like a little powder, it's great. 

Fusion Mono eyeshadow in "Equinox" is the third in my collection of Dior FM eyeshadows. I honestly can't wait to get more! If you like glitter on your lids, these are your best friends. They apply incredibly pigmented and sparkly! I love the shade equinox, it looks an off-gold/dark beige in the packaging but applies like an off-silver, with a hint of pink and a beige/gold undertone. It's GORGEOUS! It's not so silver that it's a stark white frosty-looking glitter on your lids (which I don't like) but it's far from gold and even further from a plain beige. It's just a perfect colour that I've applied and smoked out with both cool and warm tones, so it goes with everything. LOVE! Swatched, it looks like this:

Finally, my personal favourite Diorskin Nude Air Glowing Gardens Limited Edition Illuminating Powder in the shade Glowing Nude. This is a beautiful gold highlight. 

Being fair skinned, initially I was drawn to the other shade, "Pink" rather than the golden colour. However, the pink had too much pink shade for it to be a highlight on me, it would have been more of a blush. It also, at least when swatched, looked very frosty, which I'm not a fan of. I find frosty highlights too stark and just look unnatural, and add a lot of texture to my skin in unwanted places. I swatched Glowing Nude and it really was beautiful. It's not bronzy at all, "glowing nude" is a very fitting name as it definitely gives you a natural looking, healthy golden glow. The packaging is beautiful too, just to top it off! It's a silver compact with signature Dior quilted effect, and the powder itself is even prettier! As you can see from the images, it's got a floral pattern! How adorable is that?!  
Here's a closer up swatch:

Hope fellow make-up junkies are enjoying the spring collections!

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