Photo shoot: Georgia

Yesterday, Georgia modelled for me for a fourth time when I took her out to Canterbury for the morning, along with my friend Katie who very helpfully carried my reflector for me. Unlike when Georgia has modelled for me before, I did her make-up for her like I did with Charlotte (I did not do foundation though - I'm a lot paler than her so I knew I wouldn't have any matching foundations and for ease I asked her to bring her own) and I was pleased yet again, which I do find very surprising if I'm honest!
I'm a make up enthusiast but by no means a make-up artist, so its quite nerve wracking even if my models are friends I've had for over 5 years. I find I'm getting more and more confident at doing makeup on others. After we'd finished shooting I did Katie's makeup just for fun and I was very happy with it on her, too.

I'm also enjoying writing about the make-up I did on others; I find it helpful to record what I did and used for future reference (as well as a reference for the models who like the products I use on them and are looking to buy them for themselves!)

I'll dive straight into the details.

Coat: Zara 
Jumper: TU by Sainsbury's 

Bronzer: Nars "Laguna" 
Blush: Stila Cheek & Lip Convertible Duo in "Peony" 
Highlight: Chanel "Camelia de Plumes"
Eye Liner: Stila Eyeliner in "Onyx" 
Mascara: Benefit Rollerlash & Lancome Hypnose Drama 
Lips: MAC "Russian Red"

Camera: Canon A1
Film stock: Kodak Ektar 100 ASA
Equipment: Gold plated reflector
Make-up & styling: Me
Model: Georgia Mann

To see the full set of images, click here.

Hope you enjoyed!
Thanks for reading.



  1. Love these pictures! I want to start doing photoshoots for my photography blog, but I'm more used to photographing nature or doing street photography, so any tips for using a model? :)

  2. Having a really good rapport is essential! Make them feel relaxed, make the laugh etc. If you would like in-depth please feel free to email me x