Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer REVIEW

This new product is one the internet has been going crazy about, with Anastasia Beverly Hills boasting a "unique, triangular tip that can be used three different ways"*.  I have been loyal to the ABH Dipbrow Pomade since last summer, and I totally accept that Anastasia is 'queen of the brow', so I was very excited when I'd heard she was launching a new brow product.

The Brow Definer is a gel formula with a triangular tip, it's definitely unique. I have never seen a brow product like this; there's no denying ABH is an innovative mother-daughter duo. The thinnest part of the tip gives you an incredible level of precision and control which I've never experienced with any other brow product. It glides on with ease, feeling silky smooth. It's easy to control how opaque it is by adjusting how much pressure you apply it with: gentle movements and you get a softer effect, more pressure and it's opaque with one sweep. It's also easy to control the look you get with this product. By using the thinnest part of the tip, you can create natural looking fine hairs, and by holding it to the side, using the widest part, you can create the look of thicker hairs.

Unlike the Dipbrow (not to discredit it as being a great product) it is a lot more light weight on the face, less prone to clumping and incredibly blendable. Well, it applies so smoothly with one swipe very little blending is needed. To add to the multi-uses of this product, it also has a spooley which is perfect for when blending is desired. When using the Dipbrow, I was never a fan of the two most common brow techniques: lining the bottom of the brow closest to the inner corner of the eye first and blending out from there, and creating a gradated brow, because for me, the pomade just applied too thickly and opaquely. The Brow Definer makes both of these very achievable and natural looking, thanks to the angle of the tip and the control you have over the opacity.

 I have heard some reviewers suggest it's not ideal for thinner brows, and granted, my brows are naturally fuller and I really, really love this product. I can definitely see where the thinned brow-ed ladies are coming from, but I think if you're going to get a brow product by Anastasia Beverly Hills, make it the brow definer. To be honest, the price isn't too steep at £16 on BeautyBay so you're not at a huge financial loss if it doesn't work out for you, and I find it so brilliant I'd say it's at least worth giving it a go.  I highly recommend getting it!


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  1. This sounds amazing! I have natrually thick brows so i think i'll get on with this

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