Best Sculpting Blushes - Including Swatches!

I've fairly recently abandoned the chiselled, contoured look, instead spending more time buffing out my bronzer. However, I have a round face. Not joking, it's spherical. So as much as I love the break from contouring, I still like to sculpt a little bit to try and make my face a little more shapely rather than, you know, like a football. I find the best way to do this is to sculpt with blush. I am a huge fan of this technique, I find it creates a nice, subtle cheek bone. It's great for a no make-up, make-up look. From keeping up with social media and fashion mags and such, the natural make-up look is definitely on trend at the moment, so I thought I'd break down blushes that I find best to use for a sculpted yet natural finish.  

I always use a neutral coloured blush; this keeps it looking natural and subtle, steering away from your traditional rosy cheeks look and instead, softly accentuating the cheek bone.  When applying the blush, I cup the bottom of the apple cheek, but avoiding the upper half that raises the most when you smile. I then blend it out towards the temple, keeping low, just above the hollow where I'd usually contour. 
Technically, this is an all over face powder that's supposed to give a glow. But if you swirl your blush in the product to pick up enough product and concentrate it on the cheeks, it works great as a blush. Because it's supposed to give a glow rather than have a dramatic colour payoff, it's a great neutral blush that gives a subtle luminous pink to the cheeks. So, this adds a really great, feminine definition to your cheek bones.

Dior 746
This shade is called "Beige Nude", and it's exactly what this is! It's a neutral with a pink undertone, rather than brown, so this is lovely for a beautiful feminine look but still subtle enough to be used to sculpt. The Dior blush is also particularly soft so it blends out beautifully to maintain the natural appearance.

MAC "Sincere", "Brit Wit", "Prism"
All of these shades are perfect for sculpting and of course MAC is great quality. "Brit Wit" is a cream blush, and using cream products achieves a much more natural finish. Although, due to the shape of the cream blush brush I use, it's a little more difficult to get the precision to sculpt, but still do-able with practice.

Top to bottom: Chanel Les Mariniere, MAC Prism, Sincere, Britwit, Dior 746

 Zoeva Nude Spectrum
Literally any shade from this palette will do! This is a wonderful palette that if you're a fan of the subtle sculpt, you kind of need this in your life.

What are your favourite neutral blushes?


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  1. These are really nice. I tend to use the Nars blushes for my neutral ones.