Boux Avenue Haul

I won a competition ran by Bluewater, to win a £100 voucher to spend at their Boux Avenue store. I go through phases of entering lots of competitions; after all, if you're not in it, you can't win it. I have anxiety and for some reason that even I don't understand, I started to freak out when I went to pick up my voucher, and even after getting that out the way, I then got worse as I approached the shop (????). But once I was in there I totally relaxed, the sales assistants were very helpful and friendly, and when I was in there browsing and it suddenly hit me: I had £100 to spend there, not out of my own pocket!  I was thrilled when I found out I won. I don't often have a lot of money to spare on bras and such (make-up addiction takes priority, of course) so I was really looking forward to getting a decent, pretty bra, and having a look at their range of pyjamas and lounge wear. I was having so much fun and got a lot more than I expected for my money, I couldn't help but share it on my blog, even though I know it's not beauty related! 

I absolutely fell in love with these when I saw them! Pyjamas are things I tend to get for birthday and christmas presents, so I've never actually bought a really nice set for myself before. I felt like a proper adult! I'm a size 10 and in pyjamas I buy a size up for comfort, but by the looks of it they came up a bit small, so I got a size 14 which are more like a 12. I also bought the matching top, below: 

Being a boxy tee, this is obviously the total opposite of the bottoms and came up a lot bigger! A size 10 fits nice and baggy and comfortable. It's also not obviously a PJ top, so I thought it was perfect for days just spent in loungewear. Speaking of lounge wear... 

Fleur Leaf Palazzo Pants (£22) in light grey

Unfortunately this didn't make it to the photograph. I put them on as soon as I got in from shopping, and spilled coffee down myself almost immediately. I am who I am, okay?! So they were in the wash when I was taking photos for this post. Anyway, this is probably my favourite buy! Lounge wear feels so much better when you bought it for that purpose, rather than old, tatty clothes, am I right? These are by far the most comfortable things ever! I wish I'd picked up a couple more pairs. This are true to size, if you're ordering online.

Eddie Teddy Hooded Robe (Reduced to £17.50 from £35)
When I found out I'd won the voucher, I had a peek at the Boux Avenue website and this is what I was drawn to. I AM SO IN LOVE WITH IT! It's so soft and fluffy and the teddy bear hood is so adorable! It's incredibly warm and cosy. Another item I picked up that's perfect for those staying at home lounging days. At 50% off,  and with very obvious quality, it's a bargain that I'd been have been happy to pay for out of my own pocket had I not won the voucher. 

TWO WORDS: HOW ADORABLE?! Have another two: SO COMFY! 

Oh my GOD  the bras in this shop are beautiful! I chose this one because I literally only ever wear black, and it didn't have any padding - I'm not a fan of padding, personally I find it uncomfortable. It's the most beautiful, elegant black lace bra with bow detailing. I'd also suggest in terms of back sizes, the bras came up a bit small, they have very little give in the elastic, so I bought one back size up. Side note: they have a deal on at the moment where you get a free matching pair of knickers with certain bras (not this one), the bras that applied to this deal were very pretty but none were black, hence why I didn't buy it. But definitely a good deal, so I thought I'd mention it! 

I actually got this free because I'd spent over £60, but it's a really pretty gift set. It smells lovely! It has a body wash, scrub and butter, hand lotion and a puff. For what you get and the sizes I think £10 is still very reasonable, even if I got it for free. It'd make a wonderful gift, either to someone else or a little treat for yourself. 

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