Chanel No.8 Foundation Brush REVIEW

Chanel, Chanel, Chanel... the first word that comes to my mind when you hear that brand name is "expensive"...but I love Chanel cosmetics so much, and their tools are no exception. I recently purchased the new No.8 foundation brush, which was a steep £38, and for that price I think it definitely deserves in depth consideration. 

I'm used to doing my make up with a large flat or domed topped brush, so when I first got this, I was surprised at how small it is, and honestly? I was a little disappointed. The head of the brush is only a little bigger than the tip of my thumb! However, I came to find that this brush was evidently very carefully designed. I shouldn't really have expected any less from Chanel! 

The smaller head gave a much better performance than larger brushes. I'll cover the one and only downside first, though: it takes a little longer to apply your foundation, because obviously you're using a smaller tool so covering the surface of your face more slowly. That's literally it. An extra 3 minutes of application. You've probably already guessed the advantages far outweigh that minor disadvantage! The smaller brush gives you a much greater level of control and precision when applying your foundation. It's a lot easier to smoothly apply foundation to the finer areas of your face, so for me is the sides of my nose, around my cupids bow area, under eye etcetera. I find that in these places, foundation (regardless of brand/finish/base prep) can often unflatteringly grab onto -and is awkward to blend into - my skin, for example due to fine lines or sensitivity. However, the control you get with the No.8 brush makes blending your foundation to a satisfactory finish much, much easier. 

I also found that, with the brush being smaller, the bristles are more concentrated which greatly reduced the appearance of brush strokes in my foundation after applying it. With foundation brushes with more sparse bristles I always get visible brush strokes that I end up spending more time blending out with either the brush or a sponge, regardless of which foundation I use. Arguably, the minutes you lose in the extra time spent applying it in the first place are made up for in the less time you have to spend blending. As it applies liquid foundation incredibly smoothly, I find myself needing to blend the foundation out a lot less to make it sit on my face the way I want it to. This brush makes applying foundation evenly very easy, I've currently used this brush applying 3 different liquid foundations and with everyone it has applied the product to a very natural finish; no texture or cakeyness, a very "flat" looking finish (in a good way!) that looks just like skin. The brush is made with synthetic bristles, which are credited with producing "soft" finishes*. 

Part of the reason my make-up collection is as large as it is, is because I've spent a lot of time trying to find the key to flawless foundation, experimenting with a range of skincare, primers, foundations and tools. For the most truly flawless looking foundation that lasts all day, I have found that this brush is the key. That's not to say I wasn't happy with my foundation before; I was, so you definitely don't need  this brush. But it has really driven my 'foundation game' (if I could think of another phrase, I would!) up a notch and gotten it to a finish I've aspired to achieve since first being interested in make-up. So, overall, I'm overjoyed with this product and I'm so happy I bought it. The smaller shape is definitely a game changer! 



  1. ahh this looks like such a dream brush! 😍

  2. Any advice on buying this brush in Canada. Not available on any on-line sites I've looked at, none at all.