Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's M&S Autograph Make-up Collaboration

Marks and Spencer recently launched a make-up line collaboration between their own brand, Autograph and model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. The range is inspired Rosie's supermodel "the girl on the go" lifestyle, and is designed to be easy to travel with and apply whilst on the move. I read online before the launch that it's inspired by an M&S lingerie range modelled by Rosie*. This immediately had me thinking of both dark and feminine sexy hues, so I was already dribbling over the range before it was released.

I have yet to find more than one M&S across Kent and Brighton to stock it! ( I want to see it physically before purchasing) Even then, it had limited stock. In a way, I'm kind of happy they had limited options; this way, I didn't go over-board with my purchases and spend an excessive amount of money on an entire range I may not even enjoy. By trying out just a few, it'll indicate if products are good quality, and then I can decide whether to purchase more items or not.  I picked up what I could: Amazing Radiance Cream, the Gel Eyeliner and the Liquid Eyeliner.

I love this product! It's a really lightweight cream so it doesn't feel like you're adding an extra layer to your make-up. but it definitely gives you a glow. I can't help but compare this to my other illuminating product, NARS Copacabana (liquid), which is nearly double the price. Copacabana definitely has more shimmer in it so gives you more of a glow; once I apply foundation over the top it evens out, and still gives you a glowing look. The Amazing Radiance Cream is just as effective, but feels less thick, though a little more oily. Copacabana has more shimmer in it, whereas ARC is more glowing, so I'd suggest the latter is more subtle and natural looking. I'm not bashing Copacabana, by the way! It's a product I love and the two are so similar I couldn't help but draw a comparison. As I said, Copacabana is less subtle so I'd recommend ARC for daytime wear and Copacabana for full glam face. I found my foundation layered really well on top of the ARC, and it made my face look radiant all day. It's definitely achieves the "glow from within" look. It's also SPF 6, which is a great bit of protection from the upcoming Spring sunshine. 

Top: Applied, Bottom: Blended

I thought this was really interesting, as I don't actually own a gel eyeliner in pencil form. I've done my eye make-up with a feline flick near enough every day for the past 6 years, and as neat and identical as I can make dramatic wings, I still struggle to do the minimal, subtle flick that looks so pretty and feminine. I picked this up to see if I could get anymore precision with it; voila! I can now do a nice, small, subtle cat eye. This is hands down the best product out of the three I picked up because it was incredibly easy to get the desired look I wanted. Literally just one smooth, controlled swipe was all it took. The formula is incredibly creamy! I know that's a cliche word to use when describing make-up, but it really is. It's not a thick or drying gel, its a nice and soft finish that, from what I can tell from how I've used it so far, is smudge proof. It's very, very black and opaque. I also loved it on my waterline and it's great for tight lining, being long wearing. So, that's my thoughts on the performance of the actual product itself. The packaging? Well, it's a nice sleek black pencil. But when I opened mine, the gel nib had totally broken off and come out! It's easy to slot back in; the only difficulty is having it falling out every time I take the lid off, and having to put it back in the pencil. However, I know stock is limited at pretty much every M&S and so it's probable I'd be facing a refund rather than exchange, and I like this product a lot so I'd rather just keep it. It's not too much hassle, just a bit annoying. 

I have to say, this is my least favourite of the products I bought. I only converted from liquid to gel eyeliner in the past couple of years, so even though I know many swear by gel, I still have a soft spot for a good liquid liner. First of all, the packaging is by far the prettiest of anything I own! It's just a skinny, rose gold pen. How pretty?! The actual liquid is not far from the standard as any high end eyeliner, from Benefit to Dior: it's a good consistency, not too thick, drying or flaky, beautifully black and opaque. It's at least aesthetically the same. Once it's on my eye, it does stay there, but in the fiddly application process (as is typical when doing winged liner) I find it's a little more prone to smudging. The biggest issue I have with it is the applicator! It's a felt nib, very similar in shape to the Zoeva cat eye pen, but it's more flexible. I have found I just do not have good eyeliner days with this. I end up getting eyeliner everywhere; as I said, it seems to be more prone to smudging. Where the nib isn't stiff like other applicators I've used, it's makes liquid quite difficult to apply. However, it's very thin so it's good for getting  a neat, small line into the small inner corner of my eye. Getting a neat, undramatic, everyday line across the rest of my eye? No. I think, as pretty as the packaging looks, how thin it is also means you can't grip it as well as you might do with a thicker pen applicator or a liner brush with gel. Perhaps it's just me! But I just can't get my eyeliner right for the life of me with this one. 

Left: Gel, Right: Liquid

I think I'll definitely buy a few more pieces from this range, but the products haven't blown me away to the point I'm scrambling to the nearest Marks and Spencer in a hurry. They're nice products, but nothing spectacular. I'd suggest they're a little bit over priced, getting into the high end price range when the quality is only a little better than drugstore for the most part, and is let down by the pretty but plastic packaging. As a side note, and a bit of an added bonus, if you buy at least 2 products you get the make-up bag for free!


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