The Best Loyalty Cards for Beauty Savings

As a make-up junkie through and through, generally speaking, if I want a product, I'm willing to pay a high price for it if I think it's worth it, which when it comes to high end make-up, I often think it is (although Guerlain has a powder thats £100+... that's just absurd, even in my books). However, it never hurts to save a few quid, does it? It's even sweeter when you save money on something that's got a high price tag on it. Many beauty departments offer loyalty cards, some of them you can get really incredible savings on, some of them ... you have to pay through the nose just to save a fiver! I try and do the majority of my make-up shopping at the store who's loyalty card offers me the best savings, and I decided to present my findings so that you can too, free of fuss! 

I think Debenham's Beauty Club offers great savings, without a doubt. You get 3 points per £1 you spend*, and you only need 500 points to get a £5 reward. That's roughly around £170. However, the points only turn into redeemable rewards the third Thursday every month, making it really easy to save up your points, because you're not tempted to spend the £5 every time you get 500 points. So it won't take you that long if you're a regular make-up shopper to get £15 off, which is very significant. Thanks to Debenhams Beauty Club got the new Dior foundation (review here) for £15 less! 

If you have a local Fenwicks, they do a beauty card where they give you a stamp for every £10 you spend, with 20 stamps to gain on each card. So this is a similar saving to Debenhams. I have found that many of the staff give you an extra stamp here and there, like if you've spent at a lot at their counter, or if you spend £18 they give you the second stamp anyway. The only downside is that at the beauty discount days (they have an annual 20% of beauty day), you don't gain stamps for your purchases. I've - slightly shamefully - been through around 8 Fenwicks Beauty Cards now! £10 off is a pretty good reward, I often treat myself to a MAC eyeshadow pan with it. 

I have mixed feelings about the House of Fraser loyalty card. You have to spend an absolute fortune to get a £5 reward, only getting 1 point per £1 spent**, with 500 points equating to a £5 reward. So that's a whopping £500 to get £5 off! But they do have a lot of special offer days, such as spend £50 in one transaction and get £10 worth of points. That sort of thing. They have these kinds of events more than any of the other department stores. To be honest, I think HOF could give their loyal customers a bit more of a reward, and more of an insensitive to shop there. I definitely favour shopping at HOF the least out of other department stores and Space NK. 

Space NK have their N.Dulge rewards programme, which, like HOF, offers 1 point per £1 spent***. However, you only have to spend £100 to get the £5 reward. I love my N.Dulge card! When I splurged on 3 of the new Hourglass Strobe Powders (review here) over a few days plus a few odd bits here and there, I'd earned £10 worth of points over 3 weeks, which isn't that bad at all, especially when you compare it to what you might have to spend at other stores. However, the card is very difficult to use online if you signed up for N.Dulge in store. When I knew I had another £5 reward, I tried to use it online, but there was no option to register an already existing N.Dulge card, only sign up for a new one... Bit of a downside; being able to use it online would make satisfying my make-up cravings all the more convenient!

I don't shop at the Body Shop much to know how good value their card is, but what I do know is that you get a £5 free gift on your birthday, which I think is great, so decided it was worth a mention! On my 19th birthday last year, I was shopping in London and was feeling very hot and sweaty (trains - well, public transport in general - make me feel very flustered!) but I didn't have any perfume in my bag, but thanks to my £5 birthday reward, I managed to grab one of the small bottles of the Body Shop perfumes! 

Marks and Spencers have recently launched their new card, M&S Sparks. This works totally differently to any other loyalty card, where instead of reward such as £5 off, you get the choice of special offers or exclusive access to lines yet to be launched, and the more points you have, the better the offers. When you have 14,000 'Sparks' (points) you can even get invited to exclusive M&S events! Which is very exciting for any fashionistas! Plus, you get 10 Sparks just for shopping with M&S in the first place, then an additional 10 Sparks per £1 spent****. However, none of the offers are beauty related! Thus far they've only been for the M&S Food Hall or clothes! Because of the sheer amount of rewards you get in exchange for quite little in comparison to other shops, I thought it was worth a mention anyway; I do like M&S clothes, and I spend a lot on make-up there so may as well get the rewards if I can. Hopefully one day in the future they'll have some offers on make-up! 

So that's my thoughts on the loyalty cards I have, and tips - if you'll call them that - on which ones to use to save the most money. Hope this was helpful to some of you, and enjoyable to those who already knew all of this! 



  1. I think the best beauty loyalty card is Boots as you get 4 points for every £1 👌🏼

    1. ah I don't have a boots card! Good shout! x

  2. The only card I have here is the HOF card, but it's taking me absolutely ages to get a £5 voucher lol I use my boots card to death though! I always have offers coming through the post with extra points on certain items etc which I love and encourages me to use it more, so if the other stores took up something like that I'm sure it would be better! Great post :) xx