Beauty Throwback #1: Benefit Magic Ink Liquid Liner

This is the first post in a series I anticipate to on the second to last Thursday of every month: my Beauty Throwback. I'll be revisiting some of the first ever products that I bought when make-up became a hobby - cough, obsession - that I still continue to repurchase. I'm kicking off this series with something I still use on a regular basis, Benefit's Magic Ink Liquid Eyeliner.

This was the first high end make-up item I ever purchased; I think I first bought this product way back when I was around 14! Although I didn't become fully in love with make-up until I was about 16, this definitely planted the seed.  I know a lot of people swear by gel liner, and I do love gel liner but I haven't 100% converted, purely because of this product. I've easily repurchased this about 10 times over the years, and will continue to repurchase it in the future.

In my opinion it has the best applicator in terms of eyeliner full stop. As of yet, no individual brush or with-product wand has even come close to competing to Magic Ink's brush. It's super flexible and so teeny, tiny and thin. It's a miracle worker for a precise line! Because of how flexible it is, it's really easy to get liner into the intricate inner corners for your eye without any smudging. Creating a sharp, cat eye flick is also a walk in the park with this. I've found with other liquid liners, and individual brushes for gels, after several uses they fray and the bristles lose their shape. With the Magic Ink brush, however, it maintains its shape forever in my experience, even through multiple uses.
The liquid itself is the perfect consistency. It's not so liquid-y that you can't control the product but it's not thick to the extent it's heavy and sticky, but enough to be very black and opaque. I've also found it to be very long lasting. I've accidentally fallen asleep with this on countless times - especially in the early days - and the liner has stayed perfect. I'm not kidding, the wing could still cut a bitch after being slept on!

If you've never given this product a try, I strongly suggest it! I understand those who are committed to gel liners, and completely agree that generally speaking gel performs better than liquid in all areas. I'd honestly suggest though, that this performs better than the gel liners I've used, in terms of opacity, wear time and ease of application. If yore interested, find it here on Benefit Cosmetics.

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