Colour Correcting and Concealing with NYX

Colour correcting is to 2016 what strobing was to last summer: the new hype. I recently put the YSL neutralisers to the test, and now it's NYX's turn. 

I bought the NYX HD concealer in three colours: Green, Lavender and Porcelain. The latter looked more peachy in the online photograph, so I bought it under the impression it could be a brightening pink corrector, but it's actually just a skin tone matching concealer - hence this is a "Colour Correcting and Concealing" post. 

The packaging is very lightweight, but it feels like plastic. This is a very minor, relatively unimportant detail but when I use my high end products I find I really appreciate how they feel luxurious, even though the packaging is also made out of plastic... So I've come to find to develop a dislike - almost a bias - towards a product when it feels cheap. Do you know what I mean?

 I'll start with the concealer. If you're pale like me you'll know the struggle of finding concealers - particularly from the drugstore - that not only match your skin tone, but actually work as a highlighting-concealer too. Well, this is your answer. Porcelain is perfect for that! It's a really great shade that caters for us pale ladies. I used it on Georgie for this photo shoot, and she's paler than I am, and it worked like a dream for her, too.

I found that the consistency of all three products are a little thick, which makes them tricky to blend. I found this to be more of a problem with concealer. With the colour correcting shades, I apply my foundation over them, so they end up being blended a little more with foundation so any slight patchy/'cake-y' ness is covered and sheered out in the process. However, as I apply concealer over the top of my foundation and I apply it a lot more generously than colour correcting shades anyway, it looks a little thicker on the skin. It's not hugely noticeable, it just takes a lot of blending and, for me anyway, if I know my make-up hasn't gone exactly the way I wanted it to, I'm very aware of it and dislike my make-up all day, even if it's not obvious to others. So, as I said, it's not a huge issue.
I found that, unfortunately, the colour correcting shades - Green and Lavender - are a lot brighter colour wise than their high end alternatives. Both do colour correct, but because they're so thick, they leave too much colour payoff, even when applied very scarcely. Green especially; it blends out to a very obvious mint colour.  As I've explained, I apply my foundation over the top, so it's not too much of an issue, but I'd prefer it if they colour corrected whilst also being sheer enough to be relatively invisible when worn alone.

I certainly wouldn't say I dislike these and I opt for using these for more simple, everyday make-up looks over more expensive colour correcting tools. I feel like I only have room to criticise these because I'm comparing them to, for example, the YSL neutralisers. The products themselves are by no means bad and you absolutely don't need the high end ones over these NYX options, these do the job! I feel like, because I've tried the high end colour correcting products, I'm noticing the difference, but it doesn't take away the effectiveness of these NYX concealers. For less than £8 compared to YSL's £25 each, you're definitely getting good value for money and an effective product. So I absolutely recommend purchasing these, especially if you're wanting to experiment with colour correcting initially, without spending lots of money. 

I ordered mine off of Very, if you're interested in trying them for yourself.
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