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Depending on how long you've been a reader of my blog, you may or may not have clocked that I have a very serious case of make-up junkie-ism, as well as shopaholic-ism. These two conditions combined equate to frequent trips to shopping centres, excessive spending and make-up hoarding.I decided, therefore, to start a series called Come Shopping With Me, where I document my shopping expeditions.

I thought I'd ease in gently for the first post. Partly because if I started with a full blown Millie shopping trip I would worry about judgement in regards to what I choose to spend my money on, and how similar certain make-up products I buy are (they're the same, but DIFFERENT!). Also partly because I'm on a budget whilst I'm in the last 3 weeks before the next instalment of my student loan. So, this post will be a browsing shopping trip, letting you know what brands I look at, what products, what I think, what I'll be adding to my wish list, etcetera. 

As this is my first post taking pictures of everything I'm looking at in a shop, it was a little nerve-wracking to keep whacking my camera out. I'm shy as it is! So please excuse the small number of images and if they look a bit rushed! If this series progresses, practice makes perfect and I'm sure it won't take me long to build up my confidence just casually taking pictures of everything I'm looking at!

The first thing I was drawn to was the new Estee Lauder Pure Colour Envy Lip Lacquers (shop them here).  They had a range of colours that really appealed to me, though I must admit I thought that the colour range itself didn't actually vary very much. It was all your typical pinky shades, some with shimmer pigment in it. The one that really caught my eye was the shade 170 Potent Petal, and it went straight onto my wish list! From swatching them in store, they seemed very thick compared to typical glosses, but didn't feel sticky or heavy on my hand; rather, they just gave you a more opaque shine than what you might normally expect from a gloss. I'm really looking forward to trying it out on my lips when I actually purchase it!
Should I be embarrassed that all those swatches accumulated on my hand within about 2 minutes of being in the shop? ... 

Another product I spied at the Estee Lauder counter was the Sculpting Foundation Brush 2 (shop it here). I've never seen a foundation brush this shape before?! It looks really interesting ... It's very pricey at £38 though, so I won't rush to buy it but it's definitely on my wish list. 
Another item that caught my attention was the new Kiehls masques. I love Lush face masks and I find them very effective, but I'm finding them very problematic because they expire where they're made out of natural ingredients. I've been a long time fan of Kiehls skincare so when I saw what they had to offer I was really interested. 
The one I fancied was the Tumeric and Cranbery Seed Energizing Radiance Masque (shop it here) which claims to brighten your skin. Brightness is something I'm really keen on at the moment; my skin is yellow under-toned so I often look sallow. It's also an exfoliant, and, having sensitive skin, I've had difficulty finding an exfoliator that has really worked for me, but Kiehls has definitely catered to my sensitive skin needs in the past. I did massage a little bit into my palm and, although it was only a quick test, it did noticeably look brighter.  I'm looking forward to giving this a go! 

Bobbi Brown is one of my all time favourite make-up artists so I always stop by a Bobbi Brown counter when I'm shopping. I've delving into giving colour correcting a try so I was keen to see what Bobbi has to offer. 
As it so happens, they've recently launched their Intensive Skin Serum Corrector (shop it here) so I had a look. They didn't seem to have many colours to offer in terms of specific problems, like redness or sallowness, rather just general skin tone evening. I.e, they were all skin toned, rather than purple, green, pink etc, which is what I'm looking to experiment with. So although I love Bobbi Brown, I probably will be giving their new product a miss. 

Finally..a perfume!
I generally leave perfumes to birthday and christmas presents but I've recently been falling more and more in love with fragrances, and what it can bring to your overall image, if that makes sense? Like smelling luxurious can really be the finishing touch to feeling glamorous, so I've been getting more interested in buying high end perfumes for myself. I tried Ivoire by Balmain (shop it here), I'm no good at describing scents I'm afraid, but I will tell you that it smelled absolutely divine! I'm looking forward to treating myself to this (or batting my eyelids at my boyfriend a lot)! I've also got my eyes - or, nose? - on Estee Lauder Modern Muse. I tried it on when I went shopping a few weeks ago, and it lingered on my body even until the next day! 

What things have you been eyeing up on your shopping ventures? Please let me know if this is a series you as my readers will be interested in or not interested in, to let me know how far I should go with this idea! It'll be greatly appreciated.  

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  1. The sculpting foundation brush looks great! I agree with you about the Lush face masks, they're great but expire fairly quick! The kiehl's masques look good x