Disappointing Beauty Products

I wanted to start a series of disappointing products posts, so here we go! I'd like to start off by saying that I love make-up. Like love it. Because as much of the fun of make-up for me is playing with it and making it work, there isn't really any products I've thrown away or vowed to never use again, rather products that haven't lived up to my initial expectations. I always try to find some use for it, even if it is just the lipstick I take out with me when I'm drinking so that if I lose it it's not a big deal! (I lost a Chanel lipstick in a toilet of a bar once...never again...). I appreciate all the products and brands in this post, and in most cases love many of their other products. Anyway, take a look at products I haven't been overly impressed with recently:

Anastasia Beverly Hills Banana Powder
The powder itself is good quality, but I was looking for a matte highlight powder, which 99.9999% of prominent internet users promised it would be, as well as the fact it's in the "highlight" section of a contour palette. However, this is totally transparent on me as I'm so pale (MAC NC15 for reference). Of course this isn't the fault of the product, rather the point I'm trying to make is that, if you're pale, don't believe the hype over the banana powder. It doesn't do much.

ColourPop Aphrodisiac
Living in the UK, getting a ColourPop product was a huge deal because they don't ship over here. Thankfully, I have my connections - my great uncle lives in Florida and orders products for me and sends them back to England with his children! Anyway, so when I got this I was so excited but I was disappointed because the pigmentation just isn't significant. There is very little colour payoff.

Clinique Hefty Highlight
It's not the colour of this that I was disappointed but rather the texture. I've used a few cream highlighters but none of them are more difficult to work with over foundation with this - which is extra disappointing because this one specifically is intended to be used in this way. But it just breaks up the face make-up I already have on and doesn't sit well, it's far too thick, cakey and a little oily, too. It just clings to texture and smudges rather than blends, dragging whatever product is underneath it around with it. I like it for areas where little blending is required like the arch of the brow or the cupids bow, but for the cheek bones it just doesn't work for me.

Kiko Smoky Eye Pencil 01
This was my first ever Kiko product purchase and I was so excited to try it because I'd heard so much online but this is just not a good product in my experience. It applies fine but in practically no time at all it disappears off of my waterline. It doesn't even smudge, it just fades to the point you can't even see it. It wouldn't be as much of an issue if it wasn't practically instantaneous but I just can't get this to work on my waterline. Which is a shame, because it swatches so creamily.

Khroma Lipglosses
I feel I kind of deserve the disappointment of this for giving in and buying a Kardashian product. But the colours are so pretty I couldn't help myself! But the colour in the packaging or swatched is not true at all to the way it looks on the lips. On the lips they're just too shiny, they remind me of toy dress-up lip glosses you got as a child. There's too much shine and not enough colour payoff so on the lips they don't look any different. They're incredibly sticky too. I don't mind using it as a lighter, shiny gloss in the centre of the lip to add dimension, but I prefer my other glosses. These just weren't great.
Top to bottom: Wildflower Honey, Summer Honey, Raw Honey

Bobbi Brown Foundation
Of all my foundations .. this is just... no. At least, it doesn't work for me. It's so, so so thick and stinks of SPF! It's so thick it's difficult to blend and looks cakey. It clings to texture on my skin and it just looks awful. No matter how much I pat it and press it into my skin with a puff when I'm setting it with powder, or how long I spend blending, it still looks cakey. I can only use it when I mix it with a drop of oil to make it more sheer. Then it's wearable, but I still don't reach for it a lot. Because it's so thick, it is definitely full coverage, but how heavy it applies is a hefty price to pay.

Lancome Star Bronzer
I've harboured a bitterness towards this product. I bought it with my first ever wages from my first ever job, and headed excitedly into Debenhams and asked a sales assistant for help choosing a new bronzer. The Lancome counter woman pretty much pressured me into buying this. Granted, I was excited and naive when it came to make-up at the time, but still...this bronzer is obviously way, way, way too warm and pink toned for my skin. It makes me look sunburned and it just does not work at all. No matter how much I buff it out, where I apply it...it just doesn't look good.

Do you have any disappointing beauty products? 


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  1. Thanks for sharing. I've not been a big fan of Lancome blushers / bronzers either. I think with foundations it is so important to stick to what you know and love...for me that's my trusted Nars sheer Glow x