HOW TO: Combat Under Eye Fine Lines + Creasing Concealer

One of my biggest struggles regarding my make-up is the fine lines under my eyes. Concealer grabs to these fine lines anyway because they're so prominent, but their existence in the first place also makes concealer more prone to creasing due to the uneven surface it sits on. It is a big problem for me that I've been formulating ways to overcome for the best part of the last two years, and I've decided to share with you a way I've found to significantly reduce the appearance of these fine lines and prevent your concealer creasing.  

There are three steps I've found that dramatically reduce the appearance of the fine lines under my eyes and make my concealer more effective and long lasting. 

This is an anti-aging product and, despite only being 19, products with anti-aging benefits work very well for me because of my fine lines (clarification: not wrinkles!). Anti-aging products tend to tighten the skin, and this is exactly what this product does. Therefore, it pulls the lines under my eyes taught, so less prominent. 
Although for me this isn't the best (although it's still effective) for dark circles, it's very effective for smoothing over the under eye skin. It makes for a really smooth surface for product to go over the top; applied over the serum its a really good combination for reducing the appearance of the fine lines. 
This is what I consider my secret weapon against my fine lines. It is the most effective step. My first thoughts was: "oil under concealer? surely that'll make creasing worse?". Trust me, no. The oil provides a smooth surface that'll act like a barrier between your fine lines and make-up. Make-up will settle over the oil without disturbing it, whilst preventing it from seeping into your fine lines and making them obvious. 

If you've read my blog before, you'll know I'm a fan of colour correcting. This is where I am impressed even more so by this method: colour correcting obviously adds another layer of product to your make-up, and more layers for us folks with troublesome fine lines is a big no no. It's more product to seep into the lines and make them look even worse. It's also just another layer that can potentially cause your concealer to crease. 

Touche Eclat Neutralizer in Apricot/Bisque: 
 Concealer and Foundation: 

So there you have it! I hope that's useful to some people!
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