LA Girl Matte Flat Velvet Lipstick REVIEW + SWATCHES

BeautyBay recently started stocking LA Girl. I've been a lover of the matte pigments for a long time, so I quickly snapped up another of the brands lip products, the Matte Flat Lipstick.

I've got to say it: I'm impressed. That's actually an understatement. For just £5, these are seriously incredible quality. The packing is nice and sleek, but it opens, like, topsy turvy? It's hard to explain, but the bit you expect to have the product in is actually the lid, so you end up pulling the actual product off the lid, rather than the lid off the product. Make sense? Probably not. Not that this is a downside, just noteworthy. 
The product itself is incredibly creamy, smooth and pure matte. They're very opaque, too. I prefer these in terms of formula, quite honestly, to my MAC lipsticks. The LA girl alternative is surprisingly a lot more comfortable to wear, it's dramatically less thick and drying. I've found this means it fades rather than flakes, and even when it's faded slightly it's still reasonably opaque! Although, granted, it's not as long wearing as MAC lipsticks, it does give a good wear.

The colour choice is pretty good, too. I only bought three, and I found that the colours I got weren't true to other swatches or images that popped up in a quick Google image search before I ordered. It isn't too big of an issue because I like the colours anyway, they just weren't true to the website. Check out the colours I picked up, I promise these swatches are accurate!
L-R: Snuggle, Hush, Bite Me

I seriously recommend buying these because being priced at £5 with a performance like this is crazy amazing! I can't wait to get more. You can get them online here.



  1. Hush is lovely shade, perfect for spring! New follower here, you have a nice blog!

  2. For £5 these look AMAZING. Definitely going to be checking them out :)

    Claire | xx