Live Love London Picks: Review + Swatches

I was sent these Live Love London products to give my thoughts on them, so I was really eager to give them all a go. I was debating a lot about how to present my thoughts, because I really do have a lot to say about these.  I wasn't sure whether to review the products individually, review the palettes together and talk about others in other posts like my Monthly Favourites or Whats New on My Vanity.  Unnecessary anecdote on my blogging struggles aside, I decided to just review them collectively. So here we go: my thoughts on Live Love London products.

First of all, the packaging: I like that you can see the shadows through the palettes. It makes it a lot easier to reach for! The blushes are sleek black rectangles, lightweight, so nice and easy to store and travel with. The gloss is a typical gloss. Definitely no complaints on the packaging! 

I was drawn most to the two Love Your Look Palettes I was sent. One was matte, and the other was mixed matte and shimmer. The first thing I noticed about them was that the base and transition colours (you know, the creams, soft browns. The shades that are essential for every look) are physically bigger than the others. I feel like this is a quality that more make-up brands should include in their palettes! Countless times I've hit pan on a base or a transition colour that has come in a palette, whilst still having plenty of the other shades. This just makes for an extra hassle when you're trying to use just one palette: for the sake of review, to travel with, etc. I think it's ingenious there is more base shade product, because these are more likely to be used more often.

The other colours are really nice. I especially love the matte palette. The colours are beautiful neutrals. I swatched my favourite ones:

Love Your Look Live Mattes Palette 

In terms of the shimmer palette, there were fewer shades I liked personally. There were more grey and green shimmers, but that's just personal preference. However, the shades I did like, I really liked. I swatched them below: 
Love Your Look Live & Desire Palette 

I was really surprised at how pigmented these are. As you can see from the swatches, they have a really decent colour payoff. The matte's definitely apply the same on the lid as they swatch. The shimmers not far off! I applied the shimmer dry, and then wet over the top, and the finish I got is what I'd describe as an opaque sheen. The shimmer shades aren't metallic like you might expect from MAC or Makeup Geek, they're unfortunately not as in-your-face shiny, but they're definitely opaque and noticeably shimmery, which I think is great for an affordable make-up range. 

They're a really great formula, in my opinion. They're actually super soft and super easy to blend, which I've found to be quite rare qualities to come across when it comes to affordable makeup. I even used one of the brown matte shades to contour my cheek bones because it blended so beautifully.
I did my eyeshadow with Live & Desire palette. 

My favourite product that I tried was definitely the blushes! I got the shades Desire and Passion:
Top: Desire, Bottom: Passion

Admittedly Passion looks quite a loud pink in the packaging but it applies to be a beautiful baby pink, as you can see from the swatch. My personal favourite shade, though, was Desire. It's a stunning shade that hits the perfect balance between dusty pink and hot pink. It looks like such a natural, feminine blush on the cheeks!  I was really impressed with the formula of these, too. Super soft and like a dream to blend; really nice colour payoff that isn't too intense but is noticeable. You also get quite a lot of product in the packaging, too. 

Finally, the lipgloss. I received the shade Elated, and I'm kind of in two minds about this one. I'll start with my criticism: it applies on the lips completely clear. I feel like the shade of the product you can see through the packaging makes this quite misleading. But I also feel like it makes the product more versatile because it can be applied over more  lipliners/lipsticks. They don't have to match because the gloss is so sheer. I'm also aware that my lips are naturally quite dark and Elated is a pale colour, so it could apply like this for that reason. I'm eager to try some other shades to see if this is the case. 
Sheer Lip Gloss Elated

So, reviewing this as a clear gloss, which is what it is to me, I really like this one. It's not sticky or tacky in any way whatsoever. It's a really nice level of shine, a pretty gloss without looking greasy. I've also found it has a surprising staying power! I ate quite a messy chocolate croissant with this on and, even after I'd wiped chocolate off my lips, the gloss was still visible. Impressive, right? 

In the photo below my eyeshadow - as previously mentioned - was done with the Live and Desire palette I contoured using the Matte palette. I'm wearing blush in Desire and gloss in Elated over my lipstick.  
Live Love London can be found at BHS. Check here to see if your local store stocks it.

Thank you for reading. The selfies of me aren't all that, I apologise! I was having a lazy day just playing with the new products I'd been sent. Hence the hoodie and messy hair!
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