My Foundation Guide: What's best for what?

First things first! I am not a make-up artist or qualified in any way to tell you definitely what these foundations do or don't do. But, I can tell you what I've found from experience with these products (although, granted this is markedly less valuable than a make-up artist certification). I have put these foundations to careful consideration, breaking them down into categories of finishes, alongside a mini review.  Perhaps consider this as your guide to foundation!

This was a new addition for 2016, and I fell in love immediately. This is "an invisible foundation that creates a natural healthy glow by giving skin the radiance of a day spent outdoors"* and, as the saying goes, it does what it says on the tin. This is an absolutely stunning foundation that offers a very full coverage, with a natural looking, youthful glow. Read the full review here
I would honestly suggest this foundation is underrated! It performs so incredibly I am genuinely concerned at the seemingly lack of hype. This is easily one of the most natural looking foundations I own, with it giving a sheer to medium coverage, but still enough to make your skin flawless. What was the deciding factor to put this into the 'youthful glow' category was that, to top it off, this really does have a glow to it. But is the least shiny looking and one of the most lightweight in this category.
Until Les Beiges was recently launched, this was my go-to foundation for when I wanted a dewy finish but still achieve a full coverage. It's more of a healthy look, rather than pictures of runway models you see over and over on the internet labelled "dewy", when they actually look like their face has been soaked in oil. Touche Eclat is gorgeous though, it gives you the most beautiful glow that doesn't look oily in the slightest, and is incredibly natural looking.
This absolute gem is up there in my top favourite ever foundations, if not the #1. This is described as being able to instantly illuminate and even out your complexion**, which it absolutely does and the finish is phenomenal. It's such a subtle, dewy glow that looks totally flawless. If you like to have one, individual staple foundation this is the one! I always get compliments when I wear this foundation.

Until this little beauty came about at the start of this month, I didn't have any foundations that boasted a pure matte finish on their own, I had to achieve it with the addition of powder. However, this is an absolutely beautiful matte finish foundation that I've used near enough every day this month. Check out the full review here

I love this product because it really does stay on your face. It noticeably lasts a long time and still looks fresh after a long wear. However, it is a lot heavier than other foundations boasting long wear, so I perhaps wouldn't recommend this as the #1 long lasting foundation. It also has pink undertone, which, being yellow under toned, doesn't entirely compliment my skin tone. It definitely stays on a long time though! 
This is what I'd rank as my #1 long lasting foundation. It ticks all the boxes for me before you even put long wear into the equation: it's incredibly light weight, full coverage and looks so fresh and radiant on the skin! The fact it stays like this for a long time makes this product even better. I'm not sure how this could not work for anybody! 
I did a first impressions review here so I won't say too much, except that this stuff is light weight, but looks perfect all day! I really love this foundation and would highly recommend it. 
YSL FUSION, £31.50
This is another wonderful option if long wear is your priority. What this foundation boasts that other long lasting foundations do not as much, is that it's incredibly light weight. Like, you can't feel it all on your skin. As a result, it's a very liquid formula, though this also gives you the added advantage of it being very easy to blend. The disadvantages of this foundation is that it lacks a pump and because it's so liquid-y, it does run the risk of wastage.

This is super! It's not noticeably lightweight but it's by no means heavy. It offers a very full coverage that does not feel tacky, cling to texture or clog your pores. I think this is aimed at more mature ladies but this does not suggest younger women should stray from it. It just feels more moisturising than other foundations. I think Clarins as a brand is quite underrated, this product in particular performs really well. 
Of course, this well praised foundation was bound to make it into the mix. This really packs a punch when it comes to coverage and I would honestly suggest, regardless if you have good skin or bad skin, this will cover ever mark or blemish and leave you looking fresh and flawless. It is also long lasting, but the stand out quality for me is how full coverage it is. It does a feel a little heavier than most of my other foundations, but it's not excessive and does not cling to any dry texture or clog my pores. 
This is a little on the heavy side, I must admit. But when it comes to coverage, this is THE foundation. I used it on Charlotte in this photo shoot, and she has problematic skin with some noticeable marks and blemishes, and just check out the photographs, her skin looks flawless! I love this foundation, but because of it's weight I only tend to reach for it when my skin is a little under the weather and it needs the coverage, rather than for every day.
This is perfect for day to day wear when I'm just doing make-up for the sake of looking presentable rather than putting any real effort in. A little goes a long way and it's very easy to blend so it's perfect for quick application yet still achieves a completely full coverage; this is a another foundation that isn't dramatically lightweight but not heavy either. It doesn't have a particularly matte finish or a dewy finish, it's a rather satin finish. Overall this is just a great, 'well rounded' foundation that I'd suggest would cater to everybody's needs. 

I'm sure you've read it before and you'll read it again: This is the most beautiful finish foundation! It looks like silk with a stunning, soft luminosity. It really feels luxurious to wear, too. Definitely worth the high price tag, in my opinion.
This has been up there in my top favourite foundations for a long time and I save it for special occasions. It's incredibly lightweight and a sheer to medium coverage and yet somehow still effectively conceals flaws (such as uneven skin tone, dark spots etc) and makes your skin looks absolutely flawless. Because it's so light weight it's my most comfortable foundation to wear and highlights texture on my face the least. The finish is as the name suggests, velvet, its closer to matte than satin but not totally matte. It's absolutely beautiful.
This is not quite as luxurious as Lumiere Velvet. The formula is a little bit thicker and the finish is a bit more dewy, but this still isn't in-your-face radiant. It's another Chanel flawless base that I highly recommend. 
This was an absolute beauty of a find for me, that I came across in the last 6 months. I was really intrigued when I saw that it was a foundation that you sprayed to apply. I bought it a bit hesitantly but oh my, this is so amazing. Because it's a spray, it's unbelievably lightweight and so easy to blend. I spray it onto my brush and then apply it to my face; it's a sheer to medium coverage but it creates literally a flawless finish. If you have very problematic skin I perhaps wouldn't recommend it, but I think even slightly problematic skin could still manage this because the finish is just so beautiful and although it's sheer, it's another one that incredibly still manages to create a flawless base despite blemishes etc. I honestly recommend giving this a try because it's absolutely beautiful.
To surmise, Diorskin Star, Airflash, Armani Luminous Silk, Chanel Lumiere Velvet and Nars Velvet Matte Skin Tint and All Day Luminous come most recommend by me. They are my absolute favourites and, unless they're absolutely awful on mature skin or are discontinued in the future, I will probably re-purchase until I die. What is/are your favourite foundation/s?



  1. It's always a hazel to choose the perfect foundation, especially for beginners- I remember how overwhelming that was! Thanks for sharing this, it's gonna come handy when I research for my next foundation purchase! :)
    Jessie | Bear and Berries | Instagram

  2. WoW! this is a great post!
    Thank you so much for sharing this. I'm in a need of new foundation and I will take this as a guide. Thanks again!


  3. Wow, this is such a detailed guide! Thank you! I really want to invest in a higher end foundation but didn't know where to start, so this is super helpful <3

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours

  4. Great post! I'm loving the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk FOundation xx

    Gemma ♥ Miss Makeup Magpie

  5. This is such a good and in-depth guide! I am definitely going to keep this link for the next time I go foundation shopping!

  6. That's a great guide to high end foundations :) I also love the Dior Star and recently tried the Forever and will definitely buy a full size cause it's amazing. I'm not impressed by the Nars All Day
    Luminous foundation as it clings to every dry patch and I'm having some troubles with the Charlotte Tilbury Magic foundation as it's so difficult to blend so it looks seamlessly. x

  7. I swear I love every single foundation that Dior releases. Lately I am also loving Charlotte Tilbury's Magic Foundation, Estee Lauder Double Wear and Too Faced Born This Way!

    1. oh! And I am all about applying them with the Beauty Blender!