Nars Haul - Including Swatches

Nars is my all time favourite make-up brand, and there's always several items on the top of my wish list. Literally always! Nars is obviously expensive, but I'd say Nars is one of the most innovative and high quality brands, that has genuinely unique products. I admittedly recently went a bit overboard and bought a bunch of Nars products...I'd try and justify it by saying that I bought all of them over 2 orders....but that was still in the space of 1 week. Don't judge me please! Anyway, I'll share what I bought and my immediate thoughts on them if I've used them yet: 

Multiple in Hot Sand and Portofino
What tempted me to buy Hot Sand is the fact it's limited edition (I'm a sucker for that phrase), and it'd difficult to get hold of anyway. I only found it stocked on the Nars website, and not at any Nars stockists (Space NK/department stores) ... the thought of it being some kind of exclusive product meant I just had to have it. The multiples are a cream to powder finish highlighting stick; when I first got Hot Sand I thought it looked a bit too peachy/tan for my skin tone, but it turned out not to be, and it's fast becoming one of my favourite highlighters ever. I won't talk too much about the colour or the formula as I want to do a post dedicated to my collection of Nars multiples (my favourite products of all time!), but what I will say is this: Hot Sand is one of the rare products, alongside only Chanel Les Beiges foundation (review here), that has made me fall in love with the dewy look. 
Left: Portofino Right: Hot Sand

Multiple in Laos and Copacabana
The Nars multiple is hands down my favourite product ever! The blushes are absolutely gorgeous. Again, I won't say too much about the formula because I want to do a separate post on my multiples!
Left: Laos Right: Copacabana

Lipsticks in Banned Red and  Rosecliff
These two lipsticks are part of  a new range by Francois Nars, and I've been eyeing them up online for a while. I put off ordering them until I saw and swatched them in person. Online they looked very sheer - a finish which I wouldn't like. In reality, rather than totally sheer, they're more of a creamy, sheen finish and the colour payoff is still very significant despite this. The colours are absolutely beautiful! I especially love Rosecliff. When I applied them to my lips, they actually apply very opaque, which was a very pleasant surprise for me. I've only worn Banned Red but I found it lasted a surprisingly long time, especially for a red lipstick, and it felt very moisturising and comfortable.
Top: Banned Red Bottom: Rosecliff

Velvet lipliners in Karakare and Medano Beach
These are the only two lipliners by Nars I've ever owned and already I think they've superseded by previous favourite lipliners in terms of quality. They are very opaque in one quick application, and they're a matte finish but not drying in the slightest nor do they cling to any dry skin on my lips (of which, unfortunately, there is plenty...). They feel incredibly smooth and silky on the lips and honestly they're perfect to wear on their own. These shades are both very similar but I loved them both so much! Medano Beach is more neutral, brown undertoned pinky-red whereas Karakare is a little brighter and closer to red with some pink undertone. I wore it recently under Banned Red lipstick and it looked so beautiful.
Left: Medano Beach Right: Karakare

Lipgloss in Stella, Viva, Stolen Kisses
I was always a matte lip girl up until only very recently. So I couldn't resist getting a couple of glosses from my favourite brand, could I?  I've only used Viva thus far but they're beautifully creamy, and totally not sticky or tacky, and just the right amount of shine.
Left to Right: Viva, Stolen Kisses, Stella

Eyeshadow Duo Indian Summer
I'll be the first to admit that when you first look at this duo, it's not particularly appealing, especially when you consider the stunning array of other shades Nars has to offer. But I feel it's like some weird abstract art, that looks off at first but gets more interesting the more you look at it: when you first look, it looks a bit bland, but the more you look the prettier it gets. I've only tried the darker matte shade and it's a perfect cool tone camel brown for my skin tone. I've been looking for a colour like this for so long and I'm thrilled with this duo.

Hope you enjoyed!
Next Saturday I'll be posting my foundation guide. If there's anything you want to see in it -what kind of finishes are you looking for? staying power? etc - please let me know before next week! There's a poll in the sidebar or just leave a comment!



  1. Oh wow amazing haul! I love the look of that eyeshadow duo xx

    Gemma ♥ Miss Makeup Magpie

  2. Ahh you have good taste, I'm loving the two multiples you got as well as the lipsticks! Plus everything else really. How have I never tried anything from Nars! I try to save up but then spend my money on something else.

    Sally - DiagonSally