Nars Multiple Collection - Review & Swatches!

The Nars multiple is my all time, number 1 favourite make-up product. It has the most unique formula I've ever come across, in "stick" products, as well as make-up products in general. 

First of all, let's talk about the packaging. You twist the product up from a sleek, cylindrical, black stick that has a soft, satin feel to it. It looks so sophisticated and just screams Nars! I love using it when I'm traveling - to and fro Uni, staying at a friends overnight, etc - because it's a very practical 2-in-1 product that's nice and compact, as well as protected from any damage from being stuffed in a make-up bag and carried around.

It is a cream-to-powder formula that is unrivalled, at least from products I've ever tried. My favourites are the blush shades, Portofino, Maui, Laos and Anguilla. In the packaging it's a cream, but as soon as you swipe it gently onto your face, it's a powder. Honestly, it's like magic! It blends out more flawlessly than my powder blushes, and because it's actually a cream it's noticeably more pigmented. I use a round topped kabuki to blend it out, and I literally just use quick dabbing and buffing motions and it finishes incredibly seamlessly; the finish is genuinely very natural looking, making it easy to achieve the "natural blush from within" look, whilst still maintaing the pigmentation.

The bronzer is the same formula as the blushes. I love the shade Altai, it's perfect for contouring my face. In the same way as the blushes, it buffs out very easily to a completely natural, flawless looking finish.
The highlighting multiples have a little different formula. However, although my favourite thing about the multiples, and what makes them my favourite product of all time, is how easily and quickly the multiples transition from cream to powder when applied, I am not in anyway knocking the highlighters for not doing this.They're a lot more creamy so although they don't quite finish to a powder on the face, they're not thick and patchy, so have the same flawlessness as a finely milled powder. When it comes to the highlights, maintaining their creamy texture is very much a bonus, as it produces a dewy, ethereal glow on the cheek bones.  As I recently said in my Nars haul post, the highlighting multiples are 1 of of only 2 products ever to make me actually like the 'dewy finish' look. When I've worn these, I honestly just look like I've got a youthful, healthy glow, but because it settles on your face like a powder, you don't get any of the greasy or oiliness you can get from other products that boast a dewy finish.

L-R: Altai, Hot Sand, Copacabana, Anguilla, Maui, Portofino 

Because they're a cream rather than a liquid formula, they're not in any way oily so, if you're oily skinned, please don't be deterred! I would suggest they're perfectly suitable for every skin type. They're pricey, I'll admit, at £30 each. But I honestly think they're worth every penny and I definitely 
predict my collection is going to grow more and more. If you've never tried these, I strongly suggest investing, it's well worth it. These are amazing!

Also, on Saturday I'll be posting my foundation guide. If there's anything you want to see in it -what kind of finishes are you looking for? staying power? etc - please let me know before next week! There's a poll in the sidebar or just leave a comment! 



  1. ahh these look so beautiful! 'Copacabana' looks like such a beautiful highlighting shade 😍 dream makeup!

  2. This has totally sold me! I feel another trip to Nars is in order :)

  3. I've never actually tried any Nars products strangely, always wanted to but just never done it! I think a multiple would be my starter product, then a lipstick and a blusher. These all look so beautiful!

    Sally - DiagonSally

  4. Copacabana and Anguilla are both stunning! Being a Nars fan I haven't tried their multiples yet, I'll definitely check them out next time!
    Jessie | Bear and Berries | Instagram