Top 3 Eyeshadow Palettes for A Neutral Smokey Eye

I'm a big fan of the classic, neutral smokey eye. I think a neutral brown compliments every eye colour and skin tone, and I find it great for everyday. Keep it cool, soft and smokey and it looks subtle and natural; warm it up or darken it, add a sharp wing, and you're glam to go. It's such a versatile look, so I narrowed down my 3 favourite eyeshadow palettes for creating it.

YSL Wild Couture Palette
I actually got this palette on sale, and I remember uhm-ing about it over and over, really debating whether or not I needed this palette. As it turns out, I did. For a classic brown smokey eye, this is the one! The shimmer is actually very subtle, and if you blend it well with a fluffy brush it'll finish matte, and the shimmer is only really effective if you apply it wet or with a flat brush. I know that sounds like a negative, but I think for what I use this palette for, it works in it's favour. If anything, the versatility is a bonus.
I use the shade in the upper left as a transition shade/all over the lid, build the bottom two darker browns up in the outer corner, and add the centre dark brown to the outer corner as well if I want extra depth. The picture doesn't do the pale shimmer in the upper right justice, because it is a beautiful pale pink colour that I find is the absolute perfect inner corner highlight. I use it all the time (as you may probably see from the dent in it!) 

This is definitely my go-to palette. All of these shades cater perfectly to build a neutral smokey eye, you've got your base shades, transition shades, outer corner shades, crease shades. The lot, and you've got dark browns and a black for more drama and dimension, or you can stick to the lighter end of the spectrum. You've got your warm tones, cool tones, browns, pinks, purples. All great for soft smokey looks! I love using the cream and pale shades as a base, and lighter brown and taupe shades as transition colours for dramatic and glamorous eye looks, too.

Smashbox Full Exposure
If you can't tell by all the fallout all over the palette, this is well used! This is super for a neutral look. Just look at those cool neutral shades on the bottom row! Completely ideal for an everyday look. The paler shimmer shades - namely the third and fourth in from the left hand side - are wonderful highlight shades as well. I seldom use the darker shimmers because I'm just not into that, but the brown shimmers are well loved; they're perfect for on the lid. I know it's not photographed but I love the brush that came with this palette. It's double ended, a long fluffy brush one one end and a short fluffy brush on the other. It's really high quality and it's actually really useful, which lets admit it, is very uncommon when it comes to brushes you get in palettes!
I didn't want to talk about the quality of the actual shadows individually because I feel like I'd be repeating myself! They're all lovely formulas, very soft to touch and opaque. Given I reach for all three of these so regularly for 'day to day' make-up, they're all very high quality, highly pigmented and don't fade throughout the day. I highly recommend any of these three, they're each perfect for every day looks. The YSL palette if you tend to stick to brown (which I'm guilty of doing 99% of the time...), the Tartelette palette if a matte eye is your thing, or perhaps the Smashbox instead, if you like to add a shimmer.

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  1. really want to try the Tartelette and Smashbox palettes - they look absolutely beautiful!

  2. i have a tarte palette that's similar to the tartelette but that one looks much better! i'd love to try more ysl makeup as well :)

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