HUGE Colourpop Haul - including swatches!

Sadly, Colourpop doesn't ship over here in the UK. Thankfully, I have a great uncle who retired in Florida, who very kindly places my order for me, and gives my purchases to his daughter when she goes to the US to visit him, and she sends them to me once she's back in the UK. As long winded as this is just to get an order, one advantages is that, seeing as it is so long winded, I may as well place a big order, right? 

So, here's what I got! I haven't used any of them yet so I can't give you first impressions, but I'll give you my thoughts on Colourpop products I've already used that I've purchased in more shades.
Where The Light Is Eyeshadow Quad by Kathleen Lights
These shades are so pretty, aren't they?!
L-R: Glow, Cornelious, KathleenLights, Blaze
Lippie Stix:
I also picked up loads of their liquid lipsticks! So far I've only ever tried their matte finish liquid lipsticks, but I got a few of their Ultra Satin Lips too!
Ultra Satin Lip:
Echo Park 
Frick N' Frack 
Magic Wand 
Ultra Matte Lip: 
Colourpop matte liquid lipsticks are some of my all time favourite liquid lipsticks. They're totally opaque and long-lasting, and the colour selection is unrivalled!
Teeny Tiny
More Better 
Chilly Chili
Bad Habit 

Super Shock Cheek Pearlized (Highlight): 
(Top - Bottom)
Butterfly Beach 
Lunch Money 
I'm really happy about my purchases and I can't wait to use them all! I can't wait until Colourpop starts shipping over here so I can get some more shades because the quality is really great, not just for the price, but in general too.
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  1. What what a haul, you picked up some amazing shades! You're so lucky you have someone who can do that for you, I actually placed a order last week with a shipping company and am eagerly waiting for it to arrive, I dont think I've ever been as excited for a parcel to get here haha :)
    xxx Claire

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  4. You chose such a beautiful selection of colours, wish we could get it shipped to the UK :(

    Mollie xx

  5. Great swatches, you got a ton of products! I found some I'd like to try x

  6. What a great haul!! I have never tried anything from Colourpop before but I really want to try out a few of their highlighters x
    Louise |

  7. Massive haul!!! Excellent work! Not tried anything from ColourPop but these swatches are making me want to place an order!!!! Excellent work darling, it's obvious you took your time with this, the photos are brilliant!!!
    Love ya!

  8. just placed an order too. Can't wait for it to arrive, almost forgotten what I've ordered at this stage. Sting ray looks amazing