My Boyfriend Meets Makeup

Meet my boyfriend Sam. He's very well accustomed to my make-up addiction now, and has been on so many shopping trips with me (being the extra swatch hand when both of mine are full up..) that I thought I'd test him and see what he's learnt.
I asked him what he thinks items are, and how much he thinks they cost. 

What Sam said: This one's by TF (pronounced "TUFF"). It's an eyeshadow? It's a sculpting kit? It's for your eyebrows? It's a lipstick (farts). Make sure you quote the fart too. It's by TF. TF is quite expensive. £32

What Sam said: This one is by CD (pronounced "SID"). It's an eyeshadow...It's long wear so it's probably going to be pricier than short wear. It smells of antiseptic. I think £24? 
What Sam said: Is this one of the ones you can only get in America? It's in the shade diaphragm. It's a contour kit and it's not for the lactose intolerant or vegan people because it's made of cream. It's probably a pretty pricey bit of kit. I think £49.99. 

What Sam said: This one's a potion. It's a healthy glow foundation. So it's a foundation! It provide a natural beauty guard. Does that mean it guards your beauty or do you get a body guard that's quite good looking? It's in the shade Les Beiges... it's by 'Channel'. It smells quite creamy. It's in a glass bottle as well. It's made in France. So...€45? What's that in pounds? 

What Sam said: Love is the drug? Not true. Sometimes it's cocaine. Sometimes it's cannabis. Sometimes it's just paracetamol. Pop middle shade on apple of cheek. Oh it's directions, not like the blurb of a book. It's 8 grams. It's made in Italy. It says do not leave open for 30 minutes. Now for the taste test! It smells of Marshmallows. Cheek to chic... that's a pretty fancy name. £28.49 from Amazon?  
What Sam said: Nars...Bahama. Oh, it's a collection of islands by Nars! It's a lip pencil. It's quite a fashionable colour. Nice little plum. It's made in Italy so it's not some Chinese shit, it's going to be a classy product. £33.

What Sam said: It's a primer. It says so. It prepares you for makeup. It primes you for it, make sure you quote that. Not like optimus prime, but like, prepare. It's only a little amount and from what I know of makeup, the smaller it is the more expensive. £37? 

What Sam said: It's a palette. An ambient palette,ooooh. £37? 

What Sam said: Lipstick. It's by 'double C'? Oooh. Oh no, it's 'Channel'. This one's called Pirate (laughs)..£32? 
What Sam said: This is Hourglass...oh yeah, Marc Jacobs is 'hourglass' in French. Fuck knows. Eye stuff? Stuff for the eyes. Eyeshadow? Mr Marc Jacobs likes his money, so..£41? 

What Sam said: A concealer. I know as it says so on the thing. And it's by Burberry so err...Burberry's quite an exclusive brand? £30? 

What Sam said: Illuminator (laughs)..First in the new line of Nars torches? It illuminates. Like a substitute for that spell in Harry Potter, the 'Lumos' one. It's by Nars so, £40 for a torch.

What Sam said: A vagina egg? ... Somewhere around £20? .... It's a Beauty Blender
What it is: Beauty Blender, £16

So what do you think, has he impressed you with his makeup knowledge?  If you're in a relationship I highly recommend getting your other half to give this a go, it's definitely a giggle!

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He got really bored by the end of helping me with this post!


  1. hahah bless him, he looks like he enjoyed himself ;)
    Jess from Beautiful Breakable

  2. Oh my god love this post, I am loving these series of boyfriend analyses makeup thats been floating around, crack me up! Favourite part is on the Nars front. "It's made in Italy so it's not some Chinese shit" DYING. xx

  3. hahaha this was a hilarious post.

  4. Oh gosh this was funny! He was pretty close with the prices, you've taught him well haha

  5. A vagina egg??? Hahahha really??? This is so funny, I will probably do this with my boyfriend, I am curious to see what his answers will be :)


  6. Haha this is so hilarious!
    Jabeen x

  7. Hahaha so funny, I love how he actually put a lot of effort and thought into it!

    corrie |

  8. Hahaha bless him! Love this post x

    Beth Ellen |

  9. Haha, what a great idea for a post x
    Louise |