My Picks from the Estee Edit

If you saw my huge spring haul you'll know I picked up a few things from Estee Lauders new line, The Estee Edit. I've been trying out the bits I picked up for the past couple of weeks.

I have to say, firstly - with exception to the lipsticks - I do not like the packaging. I know Estee Lauder are trying to move towards the more modern, younger audience but to me the packaging feels very obviously plastic. I much prefer the traditional, chic Estee Lauder packaging. The packaging does ruin this line a little for me, it's just not what I expect from Estee Lauder and even with the more 'edgy' design, the quality could definitely be better.
Pore Vanishing Stick
Honestly I find this does anything for me, certainly not long term. It creates a silicon-feeling veil between your makeup base, which does blur your pores but the effect is not dramatic nor long lasting. When I used it over the top of make-up, I found it just smeared the base underneath. Unfortunately this product was just not for me.

Flash Illuminator
I like this product! It's nothing mind blowing, though. It does what it says: it's very illuminating. I have other illuminating products I like better but this option certainly isn't bad. However, it's a little on the greasy side so I perhaps wouldn't suggest this if you have oily skin. Personally I've not found it to be an issue, though. But I have normal to dry skin. This is how it looks blended out:

Blushes in "First Lover" and "Ember Glow" 
I love these! They're beautiful blushes, extremely highly pigmented but not to the extent you can accidentally give yourself a clown face! They have a little shimmer in them, but I hate that it's not solid. That really was a let down!  I'd love it if it went all the way through the product so you could continuously pick up shimmer, but it's already faded significantly with just a couple of uses so I doubt it's going to last much longer. I do love these blushes as matte finishes though, and the colours I picked up are stunning. Despite the disappointing shimmer aspect, I definitely think I'll be picking up some other shades when they're out in the UK.
L-R: First Lover, Ember Glow
Flash Photo Powder
This product I am super pleased with! It's a blue powder that's intended to counteract any yellow undertones and sallowness in your skin and lighten them. It really is brightening, I was really surprised at how effective this is! I love it and I highly recommend it.

Hi Lo Contour Stick in Light/Medium 
I love the contour end, it's a really great shade for my skin tone! However, the highlight is too peachy for me and it looks too pink on my face to be a highlight. The formula is really nice though, it's really creamy and easy to blend.

I am over the moon with these! I am absolutely in love. The packaging is a lot heavier and sturdier than the other products. And I am loving the gradated white with the silver! They're incredibly creamy and have a beautiful soft, satin finish. They're semi-sheer, but definitely more on the opaque spectrum of sheerness. If that makes sense?! They have a good wear, too. I can't wait to buy the rest of the shades when they're over here!
L-R: In The Flesh, Exposed, So Bare

Overall I have to say I'm a little disappointed with this line, but I'm glad I got to end it on a positive note! I am in love with the lipsticks, but with everything else the packaging did let it down, even if I loved what was on the inside. If you do want to pick up a few things - I highly recommend the powder and lipsticks - they'll be available exclusively to Selfridges in May.
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