The Reds

Who doesn't love a statement lip? Whether you save it for a night out, or are dedicated to more regular full glam, what's not to love? Here are my personal favourite reds. 

I am a loyal Narcissist so of course a Nars lippy was going to make it into this post! Olivia is a gorgeous dark red, it's so stunning and I love the perfectly opaque, velvety-matte finish. 

Despite the glossy lip trend growing and growing, everyone still has a place in their hearts for the matte lip, I'm sure! If you're a matte lipstick lover (I am), Red Carpet is the perfect elegant, classic blue-red. 

This Chanel lipstick really feels luxurious, it has a creamy, satiny finish without being excessively sheeny. The colour is a bold, bright red that is incredibly flattering. 

Ciate Liquid Velvet's are definitely one of my favourite formulas of liquid lipsticks, as evident in that they made it into my top 5 liquid lipsticks! It's so thick and opaque but without being sticky, lumpy or heavy. It really is wonderful! Velvet is the perfect word to describe it because it's incredibly soft. This red truly packs a punch, too. 

Anecdote time: I was wearing this lipstick on the night I met my boyfriend for the very first time! I'm so sentimental, ha! Irrelevant information aside, this is one of my long time favourite reds, it's super creamy and has a true matte finish. It's a classic red, that isn't dark but isn't right; it's the perfect red, in my opinion. I really love this. 

This is the most recent addition to my red lipstick collection, and it is also the darkest. It's a really deep, brown under-toned red. It's definitely got a more autumn feel to it but I think I'll still be reaching for it throughout the Spring and Summer for nights out.  

Would any red lipstick collection be complete without a MAC lippy? Chili is another deep red shade, it's got a slight orange-brown undertone but it's very flattering and it's lighter than Cocoa Pout, so definitely more Spring/Summer appropriate. And finally..

The most famous of my red lipstick collection! MAC's famous, classic red: Russian Red. This is a cult product for a reason, trust me. It's such a beautiful shade and I would suggest universally flattering. 

As you can see, I love my red lipsticks! What are your favourite reds? 
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  1. I love the Chanel Pirate shade, I love how bright the colour is. I don't own any high end lipstick, Chanel must be really great on the lips!


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  3. I live for red lipsticks :) These are so beautiful :) x

  4. They all are very pretty reds. I love em all. I dont have a lot of reds in my lipstick collection but i would like to add few :) have a nice weekend dear ! x

  5. huge matte lipstick lover here too! i like the bobbi brown formula the most :) i have it in crushed plum - dark plumy shade :)