YSL Babydoll Kiss and Blush REVIEW

I've never seen these reviewed or even mentioned on any blogs and I find that really surprising because these are one of my favourite products of all time.  I love a cream blush. I love lipstick. A product that combines the two? There's nothing not to like! 
The packaging looks a lot like a nail polish, which is a little on the inconvenient side in terms of storage, I must admit. But it's definitely pretty to look at. The applicator is heart shaped and I think this is perfect! It has a ball shaped centre which makes applying the product to your cheeks easy peasy, and the point of the applicator also makes it easy to apply to your lips neatly.

I love these so much. They're definitely my favourite duo products. If you compare them to the Nars multiples (review here) they're more compact and a more creamy-liquid formula which makes them excel in the lipstick side of the job. These do take some blending unlike the Nars alternative, but it's effortless. They are velvety smooth and have a stunning matte finish on the cheeks. They're also incredibly light weight, because they're a liquid as opposed to a cream. I love them mostly as a blusher, they look so beautiful on: such a stunning, natural looking flush. And it lasts all day!

The shades I have are very feminine, as per usual. 
L-R: #3, #8, #10, #12

They're also absolutely stunning as blush. My favourite is #12, it's perfect for an everyday look. It's so beautiful! 

As lipsticks they're also very nice. They have a demi-matte finish and are very opaque, soft and lightweight. They're so comfortable on the lips. Unfortunately they don't last that long as lipsticks though. One drink and it's gone, hence why I love them more as a cream blush. But I love the shades so much I still wear them as lipsticks from time to time, especially for simple everyday looks like when I'm just popping into town but don't want to look ill. 

I highly, highly recommend these and it genuinely surprises me that they haven't been raved over as much as they deserve!

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  1. I hardly see these around too, but shade 8 is my fave!