April Favourites

Here's my round up of my favourite products for this April! 

I am loving this palette for spring time looks (even if the weather isn't always up to it..)
I am particularly loving the shade swatched furthest to the left. It looks quite bright in the pan but it's so stunning when applied! It's so fresh and feminine. I love the formula of these powders, too. 

I bought this a while ago but I've been picking it up loads this April, in the last week I know I've used it pretty much every day! Most of the shades are on the pink spectrum which is absolutely perfect for the season. The palette has a really beautiful mix of shimmers and matte shades, all of which are totally wearable. You get such an assortment that there's easy a range of looks in this palette, from natural to full glam. 

Nars Eyeshadow in Mortal* (was limited edition - now sold out) 
Nars kindly sent this to me and I love it. It's the perfect inner corner highlight shade! In the pan it looks stark white but it's actually build-able so you can have a delicate sheen or go for a pure white sparkle. I used it to highlight the inner corner of Georgie's eye for this photo shoot, if you want to see what it looks like!

Another favourite shimmer eyeshadow this month! It's perfect as a pink toned highlight, but it's also absolutely stunning all over the lid. Even better, it's only £1 and the quality is really great. 
L-R: Nars Mortal, Essence Apricotta

I put off buying this for ages because of how steep the price is and I haven't always got along with cream bronzers and such. I can't even fathom how I lived without this before! I am using it literally everyday to contour my face. It's perfect under makeup for a more subtle sculpt, but is just as effective on top of makeup. The shades are so creamy and super easy to blend, so it's practical to use a brush or a sponge to blend it out. I love that flexibility! The shades are spot on my skin tone, they're so natural looking and flattering. Did someone say holy grail?... 

I'm a big fan of Anastasia liquid lipsticks and I recently picked up a number if shades in my recent spring haul. My favourite has to be Ashton, it's such a beautiful pinky-red-orangey-brown. Very long winded description, I know! 

I bought the HD concealer around the start of the year and although I liked the product the applicator was a real dud. I decided to give the Ultra HD a go, and I love it. The applicator still isn't perfect, however. I's just a squeezy tube and I'd prefer something that applies product more sparingly and precisely, like a wand. The formula is a lot better: a lot more light weight than the HD, so it feels more comfortable to wear and is really easy to blend. I got it in the shade R20, which is practically white so is a great highlighting-concealer in my pale skin! 

My cousin bought me this originally for Christmas, and I'm so thankful she introduced me to it because it's such an effective lip exfoliator. I never really exfoliated my lips before and this came into my life as a God send. Plus it tastes amazing!  

What have been your favourite beauty products this month?
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  1. the tarte palette looks so amazing - its going straight on my wishlist!!

    Georgia Rose X


  2. Ahh I have wanted the Tartelette in Bloom palette for the longest time! Great post! :)
    - www.roisinslatest.blogspot.co.uk

  3. I love the Tartelette in Bloom palette! That blush palette looks amazing as well x


  4. The Zoeva blush palette is so cute! Definitely need to get my hands on it.