Jouer Liquid Lipsticks REVIEW & SWATCHES

I was so excited to see that these were available in the UK over on Cult Beauty, so I immediately snapped up the 4 colours that most appealed. I'll give you a hint on what the tone of this review will be: I'm now on the waiting list for certain colours to be restocked ... 

I can certainly see why so many shades have sold out! I can honestly say, without reservation, Jouer has the best liquid lipstick formula. Check out the shades I picked:
L-R: Noisette, Melon, Dulce de Leche, Praline

I saw a lot of reviews saying they were drying, so when I was trying them out I was consciously taking note of the 'drying factor', but I found it not to be an issue at all. When it comes to liquid lipsticks, facing dryness is just a sacrifice you make in exchange for long wear and a pure matte finish, but the Jouer liquid lippies are really the least drying out of all the formulas I've tried.

These babies are shockingly long wearing. Like, seriously, they stay on. On the day I wore the darkest shade (Noisette) I drank several bottled drinks without a straw and it didn't budge! Not even smudge!

What's impressed me the most about these, though, is that they dry down flat. Does that make sense? With other liquid lipsticks I find that they noticeably flake quite a lot and really cling to the texture of my lips, even when I exfoliate before application, but these dry down to a really nice flat, matte finish.

I'm super, super happy I bought these!  At £14 each, to be honest I really don't think they're overpriced. They're well worth it. I've used more expensive liquid lipsticks (cough cough, mac... sorry not sorry!) that are nowhere near as good as the Jouer ones. You admittedly don't get a huge amount of product (6ml), but I don't think that's a particularly big issue. Not to me, anyway. The packaging is so pretty and sleek. I don't own any other liquid lipsticks that are in angled, rectangular packaging so they really stick out in my collection. I think it looks so pretty and chic!

You can find the Jouer liquid lipsticks for sale here. The shades currently on my wish list that are yet to be restocked are Framboise, Creme Brûlée and Papaye. What shades are on your wish list?

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  1. You picked some beautiful shades, especially Dulce de Leche! I'm glad to hear that they live up to the hype. Drinking without any transfer is impressive x

  2. These are most definitely next one my liquid lipstick wishlist, except everything I visit Cult Beauty the shade I want is always sold out, I guess everyone else has the same idea :)
    xxx Claire