My Favourite Photographs I've Ever Taken

When I asked on Twitter for advice on what photography related post to write next, this was overwhelmingly the popular choice. Photography has been my hobby since I was 13, and I must have taken thousands upon thousands of photographs in the 7 years since I've started. I thought I'd reflect on what my favourite photos are. I'd also like to point out that I've been through several computers in the time I've been taking pictures so many of the original, high res images are not easily accessible to re-post here. However, I will put a link below each image to a high resolution original upload (if anybody's interested). 

My favourite style of photography is portraiture. When I first showed an interest in photography, I started picking up books on the subject and one of the first things I read was that what draws a viewers attention to a photograph is an emotional focal point, i.e, a facial expression. So my love of portraits started from there!
High res here and here
High res

Most of my photographs are planned photo shoots with my friends as models. On these occasions, I always have a shot or two in mind that I go out with the intention of taking, and the others are just spur of the moment opportunity shots. The images I planned ahead always tend to be the favourites; I think because, to me, it is like seeing my imagination coming to life. 

This is a photograph of Georgie from a recent photograph (which I blogged about here) and this was the shot I first imagined and what spiralled into a full blown photo shoot.  
And this one of Sydney was one I'd had in my head for so long. Autumn is my favourite season so, I've literally envisioned a photograph of one of my models in a foggy woodland setting, surrounded by orange leaves, for the past 5 years. No exaggeration!
Like I said, when it comes to photo shoots, once I've got the initial pre planned photographs out of the way, the rest is just spur of the moment inspiration. I love when my models do naturally photogenic things, it looks so wonderful and - obviously - natural. I even gave paying attention to what models are doing "off camera" as one of my tips on how to improve your images

A lot of my favourite photographs also just happen to be snap shots, where I've seen a "photo opportunity" when I've been out. For example: 
I really love these two because of what a summery feel they have to them!
This one was taken in an antique shop, and I just love the colours and composition!: 

Here's another couple of images that have made it into my top favourites because I love the bright colours: 
High res here and here
Quite a few of my favourite photographs are favourites because of their sentimental value. The below image is of the last snow fall we've had where I live, and it was the first in a long time too, and I just remember when it started snowing it was such a magical moment and my mum and I was sat indoors feeling cosy!
And this is from my holiday in France a couple of years ago: 

I could literally pick hundreds of photographs that are my favourites so I won't bore you with the rest. Although if enough people would like to see more, I could always do a Part II. If you want to see all my photographs, check out my Flickr
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  1. You have taken some amazing photos! I'm hoping to develop my photography skills and these are stunning!

    Shannon |

  2. These are beautiful, especially the one of your friend in the greenhouse - it's so natural. I've always loved looking at photography and wanted to learn some skills myself and I've finally bought myself a camera that inspires me to get out and shoot. I would love to see a part II :)
    Jennifer x
    Ginevrella | Lifestyle Blog

  3. Just looked on your Flickr -great photos - I am amazed how you can make three fircones on a stepladder look fabulous- thats talent (Kim Styles)