My French Trip Part I

Me and my boyfriend, Sam, are taking a little trip to France this year. We're only spending 5 days/4 nights in Paris but it'll be our first trip abroad together, so we're super excited! Actually, I may be a little too excited seeing how easy it is to get from England (particularly the south eastern coast, where we live) to France, but we're treating it like a proper holiday (you know what I mean?). With that in mind, I intend to post about my trip in 2 parts, with this being the first, entailing what I'm packing! 
I decided to get new luggage. When I was younger, I went on bigger family holidays and would come back with about 3 million teddies so I always had a massive suitcase. Despite the fact that Sam and I are packing all of our stuff in one suitcase, my old one was still way too big and bulky for a 4 night stay and a train journey. I got this really cute one! It's the perfect size and is surprisingly light weight despite having a hard shell. Even better? The illustration on it is Paris - I couldn't resist! How appropriate?!  
I also got this flight bag (even though I'm going on a train...but whatever). It's a really good size and I intend for it to be like my 'carry on' (even though technically I will be taking the suitcase onto the train, too). I'll keep everything in it I'll want on the train, or want to keep secure rather than being rattled around in the suitcase. I'll keep my makeup in it, my iPad, laptop, my cameras, a french phrasebook and snacks for the journey. 
I bought a couple of packs of clear, empty cosmetic travel bottles to put all my lotions and potions in. I figured the less liquids and creams I take the less prone to spillage during the journey! Topshop do some super cute travel empties here. I think putting my skincare items into separate travel bottles is a good idea. Skincare tends to be packaged so bulkily, so it's definitely a step towards saving room. 
I decided to pack my skincare in a see through bag so if anything spills I'll see it straight away and be able to do my best to fix it, as opposed to something spilling in an opaque bag and me not knowing until it's too late and it's everywhere!
In terms of what I'm actually taking: my morning cleanser by Philosophy,  a travel size version of my moisturiser, the L'Occitane Perfecting Cream (8ml), and in the bottles I've put my Sublime Perfecting Toner and the most important parts of my night time makeup routine: REN V-Cense Night Cream and my REN Hot Cloth Cleanser. I also took my full size Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate, it's very nearly empty so I didn't bother putting it into another pot. 
I won't list all the make-up I'm taking but I'll talk about my travel essentials! Because I'm trying to pack as lightly as possible - which is easier said than done when you're a makeup junkie - I chose to pack palettes wherever possible as opposed to individual products. I'm taking the Becca X Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection Face Palette (review here) I'm choosing to take the palette because it has 3 blushes - one of which being a perfect bronzing shade for my skin tone! - and 2 highlighters, what more could I need for 5 days?! I'm also taking my Anastasia Powder Contour Kit, it has a huge range of shades. For eyeshadow, I'm taking my MAC Amber x 9 palette. It has a lot of great neutral mattes and shimmers as well as being small and compact. Perfect for a few days away! I packed my holy grail setting spray, Urban Decay All Nighter, in a a travel size. So handy! 
I'm packing my brushes in this super handy Royal & Langnickel Brush Holder, which I got as part of this collection.

For anybody interested in the photography aspect of my blog, the cameras I'm taking is my Canon 600D and my trusty Canon A1. I've got 6 rolls of 36 exposure Kodak Ektar 100 (my favourite film) all packed and ready to go!
I admitted at the start of the post that, when I went on family holidays as a child, I'd come back with a ridiculous amount of teddy bears. Cuddly toys may have been my obsession back in the day, but now it's make-up! I'm well planned in advance! I've researched what brands are stocked in France and have the addresses of all the make-up addresses in Paris to hand. I'm sure it goes without saying at this point that I have a wish list prepared! Check it out: 

Thank you for reading! I'm leaving the day this post goes live (Friday 24th), be sure to follow me on Instagram or Twitter to keep up with me during my travels! I also have snapchat "millieclinton". I look forward to updating you in Part II! 
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  1. Hope you have an amazing time, I'm so jealous! Can't wait to see some of your images!

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