Smashbox Insta-matte REVIEW

This post is far overdue, being the most requested on Twitter. I'll be honest: I don't like my lips. It took me so long to do the review because I knew it'd involve taking a photograph of my lips, which I was avoiding. They're very big, which - before Kylie Jenner came on the scene with her fillers - I was teased a little for in school. Anyway, I photographed them all the same. Sorry for the ramble, let's get to the important part. 

I actually got this product when it was first released, which was at least a month ago now I believe! I was really impressed with it straight away. It's a waxy-feel product, in a nice neat little tube. It's a really nice size, actually. You get a decent amount of product but it's very easy to store etc. The applicator is simple: it's slanted, making it easy to swipe across the lips, and deposits a decent  amount of product. It's very effective at transforming gloss to matte, check it out: 

I applied a very heavy, high shine MAC Vamplify gloss...

... and here's what it looks like with the Insta-matte over the top. 

Because of the thick, gel like consistency I was honestly expecting it to feel very sticky and heavy, but it's not. It's very, very similar to their famous Photo Finish Primer. It's surprisingly light weight and is in no way tacky, even if the product underneath is sticky it still dries very smooth. 

I will say though, that there is quite a lot of excess product that almost bunches up. It's easy to wipe off though, literally just patting down the product with your finger will get rid of it. I will also admit that I really haven't been reaching for it that much. In fairness, I have a lot of lipsticks; essentially, of most colours I own, I have them - or very similar - in all different kinds of finishes. Plus, I've always been more of a matte lip person, so I have a tonne more matte products than gloss or shine, so there's less need for this product in my collection. 

I'm definitely glad I bought it because I'm a make-up junkie, and that's just kind of what I do! It's a really good product and it definitely does what it's designed to do, and to a very high standard. I just don't really need it in my life. If you're on the go a lot and like to change up your look throughout the day (I very rarely reapply or touch up my makeup!) then you will probably find this very, very useful.  Check it out here

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  1. Great review, I was really curious about this product! There are only a few colors that I would want to turn matte but it does look like it works well!