My French Trip Part II: Beauty Haul

My stay in Paris was so amazing, my boyfriend and I had such a lovely time! I'll be doing a Part III soon enough with more details on restaurants, sightseeing, photographs of the city, etc. For now, check out all the beauty goodies I bought! 
I want to start by mentioning this adorable French themed Minnie Mouse make up bag! My boyfriend bought it for me as a present whilst we were at Disneyland. I love it, I think it's so cute!! 

I definitely splurged on Marc Jacobs makeup. Nowhere locally to home sells it, and I'm not the biggest fan of ordering make-up online without physically seeing it first, so when I was up close and personal with a Marc Jacobs counter I was in heaven! I bought the Omega Bronzer in the shade Tantric. It's a matte bronzer in an enormous compact!
You might remember the instamarc contour duo being on my pre-trip wish list, but the highlighting shade in the duo just didn't appeal to me, so I opted for the individual bronzer instead!
 I also bought the Remedy Concealer, the Under(cover) Face Primer and finally, the only product out of the bunch I've actually used thus far: the Glow Stick in Spotlight.
When I was trying it in Sephora, I wasn't sure what to expect because I'm not over keen on cream highlighters. I knew I loved the sheer off silver-y shade so I bought it anyway, and I can honestly say that I am smitten with this highlighter. It's so gorgeous and dewy! It isn't thick, or clumpy etc, it's beautifully light weight and doesn't cause any cakey-ness or pick up any texture or other product.  
I also got another primer that was on my wish list, the Guerlain L'or Primer. One of my favourite "beauty gurus" is Tati from GlamLifeGuru (she gives the realest opinions, seriously!) and she has been raving over this for months, so I've been lusting after it for a while now. It's ridiculously pricey, which is why I was saving buying it for when I went on holiday. Holidays are a perfect excuse to splurge, am I right ...? 
L-R: Blue Brown, Tan
I got two MAC pigments in the shade Blue Brown and Tan. I think MAC pigments are going to be making a big impact on my makeup collection in the near future because they are incredible! I can't believe I've never tried them before! They are so shimmery and pigmented! I love, love, love them! 

It wasn't on my wish list, but I had to pick up the new Lancome Grandiose Eyeliner when I saw it in Sephora. I was really intrigued by the flexible applicator. I've only used it the once and I love the liquid itself but I've still to decide if the applicator is useful or not! 

I'd never even heard of a brand called Blinc, let alone had the opportunity to physically try out demos. Whilst doing my research for this post was the first time I realised it was even sold in the UK.. 
They sell specifically eye products, so I picked up a bunch! Including an eyeliner pencil, liquid eyeliner pen, mascara and - what I've already tried - brow mousse in Brunette. In my opinion, the brow mousse is superior to similar brow products such as MAC brow gel or Benefit Gimme Brow. It has a lot more colour pay off, but the consistency is a lot less clumpy and sticky. Although I've only used 1/4 products so far, something tells me I'm going to love this brand... 
I was really eager to try some brands that you can't get at all in the UK. A shop called Marionnaud - which is like a smaller Sephora - is a European chain (I'm assuming from briefly looking at their website ... don't quote me on it!) has their own branded products that aren't available over here at all. They had some really nice brushes and I chose the #15 Blush Brush. They didn't have any 'testers' out, you could only touch them in the packet so I bought it on the premise of trying it out as a foundation brush because it's flat topped. When I got it out and looked at it, however, it was much too fluffy to be for foundation. I'd never used a flat top brush for blush before but I thought hey, I'd give it a whirl. Two words: Game changer! It applies such a perfect amount of product and blends beautifully. I also thought it'd be perfect for cream bronzers because I love a fluffy-yet-firm brush for that, and because I hate mixing products on tools, I bought another one! It was really reasonably priced at just under €10! 
On the subject of brushes, I got a long-wished-for brush, the Nars Yachiyo Kabuki. I have wanted this for, so, so long to use as a blush brush. All I can say is that I love it. It disperses powder so beautifully and blends like no other brush I've used. If you want one staple blush brush, make it this one. 
Finally, I've saved the best until last. I went absolutely hardcore at the Chanel counter. Like I said I would in my review, I bought more of the Chanel Rouge Coco Stylo! I bought Lettre, Message and Histoire. I also bought 3 Rouge Coco Lipsticks, in Marie, Marlene and Suzanne. I love the shades I picked up, they're all so summery.
L-R: Histoire, Lettre, Message, Suzanne, Marlene, Marie
I also bought the Hydra Flash Balm! I've only used it the once so it's too early for me to form an opinion on it, but my first impressions are that it really does feel super hydrating.

Thank you for reading! 
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  1. Tati is the best, I want to try L'Or too. I think they sell it in Debenhams so I will be sure to pick it up next time I am in store. The MJ bronzer is masssive! It looks like such a good colour too, great haul! Xx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

  2. I've just booked a trip to Paris and this has given me so much inspiration. Great post x

    Rachael |

  3. The bronzer is such a gorgeous shade and the primer is also beautiful! I've never actually been to France, drove through it once on the way to Germany but I speak French! Why have I never been? Haha. Such a pretty post!

    Sarah xo

  4. Wow, what an amazing selection of products, the Marc Jacobs bits especially look gorgeous :)
    xxx Claire