NEW Estee Lauder Double Wear Nude Cushion Stick Foundation REVIEW

I purchased Estee Lauder's new Double Wear Nude Cushion Stick Foundation a few weeks ago when it first launched, and have been using it ever since. Now I've had the time to form a well considered opinion, onto sharing it with you!

First of all, the packaging is really nice. It's nice and slim but you still get a decent 30ml of product. The applicator is like a sponge-cushion hybrid; sort of like if the Beauty Blender and a velour powder puff had a love child. I love the way you twist the bottom and product comes out of the applicator itself, and it deposits the perfect amount of product. It's difficult to over do it, which is brilliant. It's definitely different, and in theory, it's very practical having the applicator attached to the product. However, I find it doesn't blend at all, it just moved the product around my face, leaving streaks and uneven patches. I was very disappointed with this aspect the first time i use it, because I thought it'd be super handy to have the tool ready to go! However, To blend evenly, after applying it using the applicator, I just pat a damp beauty blender over my face. 
Now onto the really important part: what's inside. I have to admit straight away that I have mixed feelings. It is incredibly oily feeling, so if you have oily skin I'd strongly suggest giving this a wide berth. The first time I used it I was really surprised at just how oily and liquid-y it was, and my first impressions - to be frank - were that I didn't like it at all. Because it's so oily, it gives you very little coverage. It's very, very sheer and it's not build-able at all. The more you put on, you just look greasy and with no improved coverage. Because of how sheer it is, I'd say this foundation is limited to when you have good skin. It's unfortunate, because who doesn't love to be armed with a brilliant, full coverage foundation when their skin isn't co-operating? In contrast, this foundation is for the lucky times. So again, I'd suggest giving it a wide berth if you have problematic skin.

However, if you use this when your skin is behaving, and you don't have oily skin, you'll probably love it. It is so beautiful and radiant, and it looks so natural. It looks like real, healthy, glowing skin. It dries pretty fast once it's on your face and blended out, but still maintains the ethereal glow quality. I didn't expect such a sheer, fluid-y formula to last that long, but it looks flawless all day long. It's incredibly light weight and comfortable so it's perfect for warmer weather. I also noticed that other products, creams, liquids and powders, sit really beautifully on top of this foundation.

My favourite thing about this foundation is that, unlike others, you can wear it on its own. With more full coverage foundations I find it impossible to wear alone without looking very washed out and ghostly, but this one is perfect. I love it for when I'm in a rush and I just want to perk my skin up a bit (my favourite combo at the moment is Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Fluid topped with this!) without doing a full face of makeup. It is designed to even your skin tone and it really does, so it is perfect for quick, no makeup-makeup.

However, another thing I was a little disappointed with is the shade range. Like I usually do, I just bought the lightest shade in the range, but even the fairest shade Cool Bone is a little too warm. I have to take a very damp Beauty Blender and really blend it into my neck to avoid an orange line. It's not too much hassle and it is easy to overcome, but it is disappointing that with over 20 shades they haven't catered to the fairest of ladies.

I feel like this has been a mostly negative review but I think this is definitely one of my favourite foundations that I'll get a lot of use of over the summer. That being said, I don't think this foundation is universal at all because it's so oily and sheer coverage. I have dry, generally clear skin and I love it, but doubt I could repurchase it in the winter time when I'm at my palest because of how warm even the coolest shade is, but I think it's beautiful for a summer foundation. If your skin is a similar condition to mine, I'd strongly suggest giving it a go. If any oily ladies tried it I'd love to know what you think, I'm only assuming you wouldn't like it because of the formula, but I can't speak for you! Check it out here.
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  1. I prefer high coverage so I'm not sure I would enjoy this. Thanks for the review, I hadn't heard about this before!