This month in Senses: JULY

It's the end of July already?! What?! I don't even remember the middle of July... but I guess it's already time to review my month in senses...

My parents recently fitted a new bathroom in the house, and my mum has filled it with her 'special smellies' by Molton Brown she's been stashing since Christmas and her birthday. I have been showering using Templetree Body Wash. It smells amazing, with a blend of rose and sandalwood. For me, the smell reminds me of being on holiday, abroad and by the beach. 

When my boyfriend and I went to France, dijon mustard was as commonplace at every restaurant table as ketchup is here in the UK. I love mustard, and there was something about the variety they served in France that was just so much nicer. The boyf bought me a jar of it to take home, and I've literally been slathering it on all my dinners ever since... 

I have been loving the feel of Nivea Kiss of Smoothness lip balm, it is truly silky smooth and feels so moisturising without feeling tacky or greasy. I have always suffered with dry and cracked lips and applying this regularly has really helped! They're noticeably smoother and far more hydrated. 

Rather than mentioning a particular song, album or artist, I really want to mention Amazon Prime Music. I've had Prime for ages, but I've only recently discovered the music app. It's really good, there's so much music available on there all included in the cost of Prime. I've saved at least £100 by listening to Prime Music rather than purchasing from iTunes. It works in a similar format to iTunes, you have a Prime library and 'your library', so you can save songs to your phone and play them offline. It's not like the Youtube App - music still plays when you lock your phone! 

Another mention of Amazon Prime (I promise this isn't affiliated with or sponsored by Amazon!): In the Prime Day sale I got the Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones) novel set for 50% off, bargain! This book series will definitely keep me occupied whilst waiting for season 7...

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