NEW Dior Backstage Pro Fix It Colour REVIEW

I remember first seeing the new Dior Backstage Pro Fix It Colour colour correctors on the Sephora website a little while ago and being really disappointed that it didn't ship to the UK! So here I've been, waiting patiently for them to launch over here. Finally I got my hands on them, and I've been really excited to do this review!

I've recently reviewed the Smashbox Colour Correcting Sticks, and although I was really pleased with them, I have to admit that the Dior Fix It Colour really blows them out of the water. They come in four different shades: yellow to counteract dark circles, apricot to tone down grey undertone and dark spots, blue for anti dullness and green to counteract redness.
L-R: Green, Apricot, Yellow
The Fix it Colours are super light weight and have a very sheer finish to them, but with enough colour to counteract any discolouration. This makes them really easy to blend out, and where they're so thin feeling it's really easy to layer products over the top. So if you have problems with creasing under the eyes as well as discolouration, you may want to give these a go!

These are also perfect if you have skin that's on the drier side. They have a very thin, creamy - almost watery - consistency. They feel very hydrating, but conversely if you have oily skin these may not be the best option for you.

Most importantly, I find that they are very effective at colour correcting. I was a little dubious at a yellow under eye corrector because I have yellow under-toned skin and didn't want to potentially end up looking like a Simpson's character. Plus, I usually correct dark circles with peach or pink, not yellow. However I am really happy with it! The yellow really effectively brightens my under eye area and looks really natural. Out of all my correctors, it most effectively makes my under eye bags look smaller as well as lighter.
I want to take a moment to really rave about the packaging. It's so beautiful! It looks like a lip balm.  The lids of each corrector coincides with the colour inside, which just makes getting ready in the morning that extra bit easier. Plus they look so pretty on my vanity!

Thanks for reading!
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  1. I haven't heard of these before, but the yellow one looks like it would be best for me! What do you blend them out with? Your finger or a brush/sponge? x