NEW Smashbox Studio Skin Concealer REVIEW

Smashbox recently launched their new Studio Skin Concealer, and of course - being the makeup junkie I am - I snapped it up straight away. This was a couple of weeks ago now, so here I am reporting my findings! 

I've actually put off writing this review for a while because I really wanted to give this new product a chance. However, I have to say straight off the bat, I'm so disappointed with this concealer! But I'll start with the good stuff: it does feel hydrating. Not ultra hydrating, but it's far from sticky or drying. It blends out really, really easily, and a little bit goes a long way. An ordinary triangle layer under my eyes can easily blend right up to my temples! The colour range is also superb; being very fair, it's always a brilliant surprise to find a concealer that is light enough to be a highlight. 

However, there are so many downsides in my experience with this product. This is definitely not a concealer I think I'm going to get much use of, nor will I repurchase. When first applied, it does feel very light weight but it dries to feeling really quite heavy.

The big selling point for this concealer is that it supposedly has a 24 hour wear time. This isn't the case in my experience, it came off my nose very quickly. I noticed this on multiple occasions, it wasn't just a one off. It tended to break up around my under eye area also.

Another thing I really, really do not like about this product is just how difficult it is to work with! You know when you've done your makeup and you accidentally get a bit of eyeshadow fallout or a mascara flake on your face, and you have to take it off. Over other concealers, dusting away the disturbance either doesn't disturb the product underneath at all, or it's really easy to use my finger to blend it back in seamlessly. Not with the Smashbox concealer though, and it's so infuriating! Gently tapping off any fall out or excess away from the under eye area completely crumbles the concealer, and forget trying to re-blend it. It ends up being a dry, cakey mess. On more than once occasion have I had to take off all my face makeup and begin again because of this.

What I dislike most about this concealer though, is that it hates powder. Powders I have used hundreds of time, my holy grail powder, just do not sit well on top of it. It clings to the concealer and leaves powdery dots everywhere which will not dust off. It's almost as though the combination of powder and this concealer makes a chalky hybrid.

So, to summarise, I definitely do not get along with this product. But that of course is just my experience, and perhaps others have had different, more positive experiences with it. Have you?
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