This Month in Senses: August

The fact it's the end of August honestly makes me a little queasy. Literally where did the summer go? Not that I'm unhappy - Autumn is by far my favourite season. Plus, it's my birthday at the start of September! Anyway, onto my month in senses: 

Since I've been lusting after the new Orchid Soleil by Tom Ford (see my bday wish list!), I've dug out  one of my all time favourite fragrances, another Tom Ford beauty: Velvet Orchid. There's something very sexy about it! I think it's a little spicy and warm for summer time, but it doesn't stop me wearing it. It smells so good. 

My mum picked some plums when we went on a walk around a local field (technically stealing - but hey ho - moving on) and her friend from work made it into plum jam. It's so yummy! I generally don't really have a sweet tooth but it's delicious, the texture is so much nicer than shop bought jams.

I used to use a konjac sponge by Marks and Spencer, and found it would completely fall apart by 6-8 weeks. When it was dry, it felt completely the same to the ever so slightly more expensive original konjac sponge from The Konjac Sponge Co. I only bought the latter at the start of this month but I can already tell it is of a higher quality than the M&S own brand sponge. It doesn't dry up and go hard, it's firmer, it maintains it's bouncy sponginess and doesn't go soft and deteriorate. It feels like the material is a lot stronger by far. 4 weeks into using it twice daily it still feels like the first day I purchased it! So although I'm paying a higher price for it than my old one, hopefully I won't have to repurchase it so often, so long term I'll save money. If you haven't used a konjac sponge before, I highly recommend it. It's very effective at cleaning my face and is a very delicate exfoliant to help keep my skin in good condition.

I've been listening to the Suicide Squad soundtrack .. who hasn't, let's be honest? It's not the kind of music I'd generally listen to but it's so catchy, especially when you have the context of the movie.

Myself and my boyfriend have really been digging into the Netflix documentaries this month. They never used to have a very good selection but they've had some really interesting picks recently. If you're looking for a good documentary to watch, I suggest (all on Netflix): Real Crime: Hannah's Killer, Secrets of Great British Castles, Deadly Women, The Mystery of Sleep, Real Crime: Supermarket Heist and Particle Fever. (Told you we'd watched a lot!)

What have you been loving this month according to your five senses?
Thanks for reading!
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