Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Foundation & Contour REVIEW

Recently, Anastasia Beverly Hills released their new foundation stick line, which has a multitude of shades to cater for a huge range of skin tones (my shade isn't even the lightest! - that's saying something!) The line includes a handful of shades purposely for contouring and highlighting, techniques Anastasia is famous products for (as well as brows, of course). 

I was so excited, I had to get my hands on these straight away! I ordered them literally the second they launched, I think. As I was ordering the website was visibly still updating. Because of this, there were no 'real life' swatches to go from so it was all guess work. I got the foundation shade Porcelain, the (only) highlight shade Banana, and contour shade Mink.

Porcelain is a perfect match for me (MAC NC15/Nars Deauville for reference)! I got the darkest contour shade by accident, and Mink is a bit too deep for my skin tone. However, I was pleasantly surprised that actually, when it's blended out, it's perfect. Kudos to ABH for creating such universal products! I still intend on getting the other 2 shades soon (Shadow and Fawn) which are made for lighter complexions. 

I am so impressed by the formula of these! They're formulated for oily skin, and generally I have normal skin but I definitely get a little oily in the summer months. I've noticed that when I was oily throughout the day, the foundation didn't show it; it didn't budge at all! More importantly, I am in love with the finish. Even though they're for oily skin, it's actually a demi matte. It's like 90% matte with a hint of satin. It's really creamy and soft, and it blends out really easily and evenly.  I used the foundation on Georgie for our Golden Hour photo shoot. The formula is consistent on the 3 shades I bought, I'm interested to see if Shadow and Fawn are the same when I get round to buying them too.
L-R: Banana, Mink, Porcelain
Cream contouring has never been as easy for me as it was with these new sticks! In the powder contour kit, Banana was not a highlight on me because I'm so pale, so I was a little on the hesitant side when I was ordering the stick form. However, it's a really beautiful matte highlight! I swear, I never knew contouring could be so simple. The only issue I found is that when I took Banana a bit too close to my eye, it creased easily into the fine lines. However, it didn't crease or bunch up anywhere else on the face. They're just so easy to blend, and the stick is the perfect balance of chubby and skinny so you can get a decent amount of product onto your face precisely where you want it.
As a kind of side note, I love the packaging! Each bullet is so sleek and sophisticated. I just think they look so pretty on my vanity!

I've been using these since the end of August and, if I'd published this review sooner, they'd have been in my August favourites for sure (I don't like to talk about products I know I'll review in my favourites before I've reviewed it). I'd definitely recommend these, both for contouring and for your everyday foundation. I think unless your skin is exceptionally dry and prone to dry patches, you'll love it. Especially if you're oily.  Check them out on Anastasia's website here!

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  1. I love ABH and have had my eye on these for cream contouring and highlighting, but am even more keen now as yours was the blogger first review I've seen and I love how easy to blend out they sound. I think I'll have to treat myself soon! - Amy x