Irresistble Me REVIEW

I am always on the look out for beautiful pieces to dress and accessorise my models with for my photo shoots, so when I discovered Irresistible Me, I jumped at the chance to try some of their hair accessories.

They offer a wide range of things, from extensions to tools, but I opted to try some headbands*.  They're really good quality! They're well made, not all falling apart and such.  
I used a couple of them in my Golden Hour photoshoot.  I thought it was really perfect for creating the feminine, country-esque look I was going for in that photo shoot! 
In the images above, Georgie is wearing the Ruby Headband. I love how the bow on the Ruby style band looks like it's just a bow, and the band itself is concealed. Below, she is wearing the Venus Headband
They're both super pretty styles! They're really high quality at an affordable price. It's an American company, but their hair accessories generally work out at being between £10 and £15. 
Above: Rhea headband
I think hair accessories are perfect for accentuating an outfit and making a statement. I think they can really dress something up, or make something more feminine.  Plus, think about it: Halloween is coming up, so these could be great to incorporate into a costume. Did anybody say Disney princess
I think these would also be great for formal events, such as weddings or proms. Especially weddings, where head pieces are almost a must-have, but what 20-something wants to wear a huge, garish hat?  
Above: Venus Headband 
In terms of photography, a good hair accessory can make the model stand out that bit extra. You'll definitely be seeing Irresistible Me goodies appear in more photo shoots!  

If you're interested in what makeup my model is wearing, a post with all those details will be up soon! In the mean time, why not check out what's hot over in the right sidebar of my blog? 
Thank you for reading!  
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Please note that these photographs are not of me. I am a photographer who uses a model. 


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  1. Oh wow I love these headbands! I like Irresistible Me's hair straightener so I'd like to try their accessories, too!